if i were...

  • a weekday: saturday
  • a drink: water
  • a food: meringue
  • one of the seven deadly sins: sloth
  • a defect: too sensitive
  • a musical instrument: drums
  • a flower: wax plant
  • a color: pantone's "sugar swizzle"
  • an animal: swallow
  • a natural phenomena: drizzle
  • a music: ゆめみてたの私 - daoko
  • a music genre: r&b
  • a feeling: freedom
  • a fabric: faux shearling
  • a book: the perks of being a wallflower
  • a spice: black pepper
  • a place: any secluded beach
  • a movie: lady bird
  • a season: winter
  • a rock: diamond
  • a quote: "disorder is necessary for the manifestation of order. just as you must have say a black background to show up a light figure. and then when one sees that, a profound transformation takes place in one's attitude towards the world. that is to say that instead of looking upon life as a contest, it becomes a dance; it becomes a game." — alan watts
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