• the princess and the frog (2009)
    • director: john musker
    • ★★★★★; my favourite disney princess movie, without a shadow of doubt! i kinda see myself in tiana and it’s amazing to relate with a character in this level. the soundtrack is also sooo good. love this film!
  • princess mononoke (1997)
    • director: hayao miyazaki
    • ★★★★★; such as ‘spirited away’ miyazaki really do know how to put on a show when it comes to animations. the story is amazing and it’s very mature. i love san so much because she is very strong will and beliefs. love, love, love it!
  • re-watched: your name. (2016)
    • my. favourite. film. ever! i don’t have more words to describe how i feel about ‘your name.’ than these. love it so much!
  • how to train your dragon 3 (2019)
    • director: dean deblois
    • ★☆☆☆☆; this film is so bland. i was bored all the way through it and i thought it was the situation i was in that day, but it wasn’t. the story is bad and doesn’t make a lot of sense. i hated it and the moments where the filme tried to be funny or emotional.
  • lady bird (2017)
    • director: greta gerwig
    • ★★★★★; i knew i’d like this film when i first watched the trailer. even though i changed a lot in the last couple of months i still feel i’m very alike christine. everything about it just speaks to me in so many different ways. this is pure perfection, best way to wrap up january.


  • ready player one (2018)
    • director: steven spielberg
    • ★★★★☆; for a spielberg film, this is marvelous! i love sci-fi and things like that so it was really satisfying to see things i like – such as pop culture references - mixed in with it. pretty great movie but i think it lacks more story although it’s pretty long. i think i’ll read the book.


  • paris is burning (1990)
    • director: jennie livingston
    • ★★★★★; oh wow. well, i was expecting a softer and easy going documentary but that’s not what it is at all. you get to know many lgbtq+ characters that suffer because of the way they are and for their dreams; you get attached to them. greatest documentary i’ve ever watched.
  • avengers endgame (2019)
    • director: anthony & joe russo
    • ★★★★★; i think this is the best hero movie i’ve ever seen. it’s so long but it doesn’t get boring in any bit throughout it. the cgi effects are great, the story is great, the battles are >>a-ma-zing<< and basically every scene gave me chills and a reason to cry about. however, it did have its flaws like changing the past but not the future although i don’t care at all. loved loved loved it, will absolutely watch again whenever i can.


  • isle of dogs (2018)
    • director: wes anderson
    • ★★★★★; this film is great! the animation and voicing of the characters and everything is so well-done. the story is very cute and it has such a childish tone yet so ironic. typical from wes anderson i guess... but it’s amazing and cute like ‘the fantastic mr. fox’ by him also. loved it (the purple tones and shades throughout the filme are amazing btw).


  • lost any record.


  • i am very lazy.


  • haven’t watch any.


  • steven universe: the movie (2019)
    • director: rebecca sugar
    • ★★★★☆; well, it is just like a long steven universe episode but with better animations and a hell lot of music and fan service (like fusions and such) but it is cute. spinel is an very easy to relate with character and i like that the problems aren’t solved immediately and that takes time. liked it but i guess i miss something. dunno.
  • it: chapter two (2019)
    • director: andy muschietti
    • ★★★½☆; i like this! very much actually. of course it has many jump scares but it is part of the fun the character pennywise itself proposes! i mean, it’s a clown right?! unfortunately i wish more things were explained like the origin and development of the entity that actually is pennywise and the main characters actions. also, as it was advertised as a thriller/horror movie it losed half a star for me.


  • love, rosie (2014)
    • director: christian ditter
    • ★★★☆☆; it’s a very cute movie with a lot of adorable and touching scenes. however, the characters feel so shallow in personality and the possibility of an underage child getting on a plane with a friend without the parents actually going in the same flight seems unreal to me. i adore the final scenes, specially. cute romantic film, just that.
  • kiki's delivery service (1989)
    • director: hayao miyazaki
    • ★★★★★; this is one of those films you watch without any expectation though it really amazes you. i was in need of a child's movie (a good one) to watch and i didn't knew. this film is a wash of hope and basically grabbed my hand and told me that everything is gonna be fine if i believe in myself and in uncertainty. i wish i knew if jiji can speak again... 99% sure he can.


  • the favourite (2018)
    • director: yorgos lanthimos
    • ★★★★☆; as expected of any movie that emma stone is acting in, i really liked this one. the camera play is amazing and the acting of all the cast is amazing. the way that the story makes a fool out of all male characters and the queen (only in the beginning of the film) is so well done. however, the end failed to amuse me. besides that, great film.
  • re-watched: la la land (2016)
    • now that i'm dating someone i understand the huge impact our love interest and love – the emotion itself – has on our life. i was in need of re-watching "la la land" not only to be reminded that love matters but most importantly to never give up on my dreams. i will always adore this film.


  • star wars: the rise of skywalker (2019)
    • director: j. j. abrams
    • ★★★★☆; i love every star wars movie as every friend of mine say and oh boy was this a good film. i love every character and got so attached to the rebellion that it's a bit weird. i appreciate every bit of this and the only thing that bothers me is leia's death and how it was portrayed. however, i understand since carrie fisher died and all her scenes were special effects.
  • knives out (2019)
    • director: rian johnson
    • ★★★½☆; since i appreciate well done mystery i liked this film a lot. since i watched one of the films inspired by christie's books i love well thought out movies and plots. however, this not only lacks a certain type of likelihood but also is cheesy in a kind of way. maria's easy acceptance of being a "murderer" and the nausea thing were kinda weird. but i liked it!
  • re-watched: star wars: the rise of skywalker (2019)
    • well i have the same thoughts as i did. i watched literally the day after i watched it for the first time. very good!
  • frances ha (2012)
    • director: noah baumbach
    • ★★★★★; at first i felt so anxious about what frances would do with her life. if she was going to abandon her "pipe dreams" (in my first perspective) and all of that. but i guess that was just the intention of the film. the end was so cute too! i loved it! i'm so confused when writing about this movie because it really did mess me up. adored it.
  • alita: battle angel (2019)
    • director: robert rodriguez
    • ★★★☆☆; this film was kinda weird in how they portrayed alita's emotions and emotional intelligence. it was bland but not bad at all. the cgi(besides the love interest's) and battle scenes were very good and it was surprisingly bloody and a bit gore. medium at most.
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