• I Am Behind You - John Ajvide Lindqvist

I thought that I was gonna be hooked from the first page, but I became less enchanted as the book went on. I love stories with many different viewpoints being told and this had a bunch of interesting ones, but so much was left open ended. I love an evil kid plot line, but this one fizzled before going completely ferocious. I didn’t like the ending but I rarely ever do. I wish that there had been just a tiny bit more to everyone’s endings. 2.5/5

  • The Sun Down Motel - Simone St. James

This was easy to read and something about it kept me going but overall it was super predictable. I guessed both of the twists well ahead of time and the ghost element was a nice touch but didn’t have enough substance or scare. 1.5/5

  • Fledgling - Octavia E. Butler

Cant say enough good things about this book. Written perfectly. You love and care for every single character, the plot was fast paced and engrossing. I wanted it to be 3 times longer, or a full series. Im obsessed with her take on the Vampire lore. How they interact with humans. I cried thinking about how much I wish it was true and I could be a symbiont to a vampire. The entire book filled me with intense longing. 5/5

  • American War - Omar El Akkad

This was a good and interesting read. I like the perspective switch between the aunt and nephew. Also enjoyed the surprise Queer relationship. Scary subject matter because it feels like it could really happen. 3.5/5

  • The Bone Clocks - David Mitchell

Very well written but also very confusing. By the end I still didn’t understand how everything related to each other. He writes from different peoples perspectives and it was always jarring when he switched because he made me like each character so much. It took me longer than I expected to read it because I needed a break with each character shift. But it was very interesting and engrossing. 3.5/5

  • Slade House - David Mitchell

Existing within the world of the Bone Clocks, I loved this little book much more than the aforementioned book. It was easy to read and understand while being eerie and unique. A different characters perspective every chapter and I liked each of them for different reasons. A tasty little bite of a book. 4/5

  • Wool - Hugh Howey

Amazing concept and near flawless execution. It gave you multiple characters to care about but didn’t stuff the book full of them. The world was scary yet realistic and the author explained things in a smart but accessible way. 5/5

  • 20th Century Ghosts - Joe Hill

My first Joe Hill short story collection. I liked them very much. There was scary stuff and surprises but nothing too gross. He creates very full worlds in a short amount of time and I like his characters. 4.5/5

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