lyrics from songs that make me think and ponder during the day...

  • can't you see that you're lost? can't you see that you're lost without me?
  • for my prayer has always been love; what did i do to deserve this?
  • i paint you a picture, but it never looks right. 'cause i fill in the shadows - and block out the... i block out the light.
  • to love another person is to see the face of god.
  • i can feel the thunder that's breaking in your heart; i can see through the scars inside you.
  • there's this great big you, and little old me.
  • i'm not one to ever pray for mercy, or to wish on pennies in the fountain or the shrine. but that day, you know, i left my money - and i thought of you only, all that copper glowing fine.
  • vile incarnation of consummated bliss; i know you need it, now, just to feel alive.
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