i probably won't follow back if...

  • you tweet a lot about groups i don't stan
  • i don't see us interacting in the future
  • you're following/in a mutual with users i have blocked

if you're softblocked...

  • our interests drifted
  • you're putting fandom drama or bad opinions on my tl
  • i don't like your tweets and i've never interacted with you before; or
  • it's been a long time since we last interacted

i love talking to my mutuals, but i'm really slow with conversation and also bad at initiating. feel free to interact with me or my tweets freely no matter how long we have been mutuals (i will do the same!), and my dms are always open if you'd like to get to know me better or vent!

to break the mutual, i choose to softblock instead of unfollow because i don't want people thinking i'm in it for the follower count or ratio, but feel free to follow back if you want to keep seeing my tweets - i just probably won't follow you again if you didn't tag one of my triggers, or unless we interact more. no hard feelings.

jul 6 2020 ∞
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