• im always soft for you
  • apparently,, i have an identifiable typing style smh
  • hongseok ,,,,,,, is golden,, i love him
  • i rlly love my dog, shes my baby
  • interests: pentagon, anime/manga/manhwa, hxh, voltron, love, memes, the sky, reading, being irritating, uwuing, pokemon, acnl, my dog
  • shhhh im bad at talking to ppl so watch out for that,, dont be intimidated btw im rlly lame
  • also,, rlly forgetful so pls dont offended by my holey memory
  • favorite food is ,, watermelon or beignet or the number 3 banh mi from the viet bakery at the edge of new orleans
  • i dont know how to take care of myself jfsbnkn
  • hot -noun- yeah ~~ you want?
mar 4 2017 ∞
jun 4 2018 +