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*Music is my first love, and will be my last.
*Walking away is easy, it's the staying that's so hard.
*Though the course may change sometimes, rivers always reach the sea.

cristina follows:
QueensGetTheM... music (Vinyl Collection)
movies (Movie Collection)
movies (Watched In 2010)
photos (10 Favorite NBA Players All Time)
photos (Wish I Could Spend A Day With)
user picture cristina: 1) Jeff Bridges in The Big Lebowski AKA The Big Lebeardski, 2) Richie Tenenbaum AKA Richie Tenenbeard, 3) Sam Beam AKA Sam Beard, 4) Jim James AKA Jimbeard James, 5) Zach Galifianiakis AKA Zach Galifianiakis with a beard cause I couldn't think of anything, 6) Jimmy Page and Robert Plant AKA Jimmy Page and Robeard Plant, 7) Bret McKenzie AKA Bret McBeardzkie, 8) Devendra Banhart AKA Devendra Beardhart, 9) Bill Murray in The Life Aquatic AKA Beard Murray, 10) Joshua Bryan AKA Joshua Beardan apr 18 2010