• Persona 3 Portable (Male MC Route, Normal.)
    • Soul Phrase is easily my 2nd favorite opening to any Persona game(Burn My Dread is best opening)
    • right from the start, you realize where they cut corners to port the game - the 3D character models used in base game are gone, and instead the game uses screenshots from the backgrounds and it plays more like a visual novel, which surprisingly works well.
    • the fact that tartarus is accessible at night rather than during the day is a nice way to ensure that the player has ample time to do social links.
    • the combat in Persona 3 is good, but compared to Persona 5, it's a rough transition.
    • save often. the game has a fetish for having MC get one-shotted and it's back to the title screen.
    • the tired system is interesting and makes sure you aren't just non-stop grinding every day. it was changed from FES where characters became tired after battles, now it's if you leave tartarus.
    • social links are remarkably hard to find in Persona 3, and the most you get is a town map.
    • elizabeth's requests are important and fairly easy to do.
    • later blocks of Tartarus are huge, but not too hard to deal with.
    • Monad is the best area to grind. Fuse Alice, and start killing everything in sight.
    • part of the Persona games is doing everything for yourself, so dont look at a all social link guide. it takes all of the fun out of the game and it's incredibly difficult.
    • grinding to level 99 on MC breaks the last fight. don't do it.
    • damn Messiah's cool.
    • The last days in game are perfect, and make sure you do everything you can.
    • finished game, with about 60 hours total(my file reads 72 but i left my vita on like an idiot)
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