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~ ✧*:゚・Moonchild・゚:*✧ ~

ಌ “I wish I was a tiny flower Fairy so I can drink dew drops from velvet petals and rub my tiny nose into yellow pollen and have a bumble bee as a best friend and play hide and seek in the ivy vines and sleep on soft, green moss.” ಌ

She loves JESUS ಌ

Fairy follows:
- (bls, kdramas and movies)
- (to be a sailor of the world bound for all ports)
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  • Love photography
  • Love design and webdesign
  • Love theatre
  • Love dubbing
  • Love princess things
  • Art lover


  • Apaixonada por fotografia, aquarela, design, teatro e dublagem
  • Apreciadora das coisas simples da vida ♥
  • Atenta aos detalhes
  • Fã de fantasia, contos de fadas e coisas kawaii


  • Love my family
  • Love dream
  • Love tea
  • Love garden
  • Love read
  • Love literature
  • Love play video game
  • Love hear music
  • Love draw and paint (specially watercolour)
  • Love write (stories, poems and composing music), blogging, cooking, drawing, paint, dance and sing
  • Love childhood
  • Love childlike innocence
  • I'm a versatile person who loves all arts
  • I like to please those I love
  • I'm a very affectionate person
  • Sometimes I'm very shy (but i usually be an extrovert)
  • I'm not a competitive person
  • I really hate prejudice and judgments
  • I like think of beautiful and magical things
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