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i like rain and summer and maybe a little bit of romance.


Compilation of krisuho fics all over the internet (or so I think). Sort of a reclist. See your favorite not up here? Just contact me. (☆ = personal favorite)

  • After You (g - joonmyun is manly. he won't get scared going to the convenience store in the middle of the night by himself. or so he thought. A very cute one!)
  • Already I'm Ready ( nc-17 - look at me, come into my arms, don't worry about anything for today. )
  • Angel Is The Centerfold (nc-17 - Joonmyun poses nude in a magazine to throw a little excitement into his painfully dull life. The last thing he expects is to stumble into a relationship because of it. )
  • Bright Lights, City Lights (nc-17 - Somewhere between Tokyo and Taipei, Kris meets Suho and Yifan falls in love. )
  • Business And Pleasure (R - Junmyeon is a quiet, clean cut, med student in the daylight. When the night comes he takes his glasses off and becomes a high class hooker. )
  • Chrysantemum 1 2 (r - Wufan is a general. Suho is a prisoner of war. )
  • Coming Up For Air (pg-13 - Joonmyun is there to keep everyone from falling apart, but sometimes the strongest of leaders needs someone to lean on. )
  • Falling in Love is Like Riding a Bicycle 1 2 (pg-13 - Joonmyeon is biking to class as usual, when one day, he exchanges glances with a stranger on campus. Inexperienced with love, he isn’t sure of what he feels for the stranger the next time they meet, and the next one after that. )
  • Fic Advent: Day Two (nc-17 - Manager Suho takes care of his idol Wu Fan very well. Short, hot piece.)
  • Forgotten (r - Yifan wakes up in the rain with no memory just the burning idea that. )
  • I Know (pg - joonmyun knew he had seen that person before. but all he remembered was a pair of wings. Angel!Kris asjdhak)
  • If We Wore Flower Dresses, We Wouldn't Have This Problem (pg-13 - it's hard to be a leader. )
  • It's Going To Be Me 1 2 3 4 (pg-13 - Joonmyeon and Yifan are in a relationship—kind of not really. If what counts as a relationship is a few shared cups of coffee, bittersweet caffeinated kisses, and late nights spent together at the office. If what counts as a relationship is management team feuds, trying to undermine each other—well, Yifan trying to undermine Joonmyeon—and volumes of paperwork dumped on each other's desks. )
  • Joonmyun's First And Last English Lesson (pg-13 - kris thinks suho needs to improve his english so he gave him a homework to do. )
  • Let The Walls Come Down (r - _ Dystopian AU. Kris and the rest of XO have been content to scrape out their existence in the zones outside the city. Thing is, someone else isn't so happy to let them be, and Kris and his boys would never go down without a fight._ )
  • Like Seven Inches From the Midday sun (pg - Joonmyun belongs to a line of famous sorcerers, but he has no magical abilities. Kris is his familiar, sent to him because of debt owed between their ancestors. Human-Dragon Kris, Squib Joonmyun.)
  • Love Until We Bleed (nc-17 - "every god is a god of death." Death God!Kris.)
  • Mainspring (pg-13 - Yifan is a pilot. Junmyeon is a checker. Both of them want to fly. Character death. )
  • Midnight Flames (pg-13 - Peel away the masks, one by one, until none are left. )
  • Morning Routines (g - Kim Joonmyun's waking time of a certain morning was incredibly sweet, because of Wu Yi Fan. Sweet early fic of krisuho sail)
  • Mourn for Me (nc-17 - Joonmyun goes through seven stages. past chanho.)
  • Of White Sands And Happy Ending (r - Joonmyun owns a cafe in a small island paradise and meets Kris, an aspiring photographer looking for inspiration. Boracay AU. )
  • On The Run (pg-13 - in which kim joonmyun is a salaryman who got into trouble with two gangsters and then, kris steps in. )
  • Opposites Attract? (nc-17 - they are nothing alike. but maybe they have some things in common. maybe the feeling is mutual. )
  • Silent G (pg-13 - A day in the student council is never dull. President of student body!Joonmyun & hot transfer student Kris! Fun read.)
  • Soft Spots and Softer Paws (pg-13 - A very cute cat made its way to M's dorm, Duizhang should not know. Not really focusing on the krisuho but really really cute.)
  • The Best Mistake (nc-17 - Maybe everything they’d gone through two years ago was what needed to happen for them to come back together like this now. )
  • The Perfect Words Never Crossed My Mind (pg-13 - After finishing his porn trilogy, Kris decides to try out a different genre. Joonmyun has very little faith in him. )
  • Untitled (nc-17 - Hot piece)
  • We Can Work It Out (nc-17 - Kris is a mechanic. Junmyeon is not, but he thinks Kris is pretty hot. )
  • We'll Sing Songs of Innocence (pg - is it possible for a a thirty year old man and a nineteen year old boy to fall in love? )
  • You Want Me (pg - Joonmyun's denial led to something good.)
  • クレッシェンド: 雨の中で、踊ってキスをする。 crescendo: dance and kiss in the rain (pg-13)
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