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  • ***Bringing this back as Wilson passed away recently. A sweet reminder of how adorable my little guy was.
  • He is a boston terrier. This is a cool breed.
  • His flat punched face
  • Actual chicken legs
  • He is permanently excited to see me
    • Thinks we are best bros (we are)
    • (Except when he's super sleepy and has found a warm nook then no fucks are given)
  • He has the Boston rabbit run and its impressionable
  • Also known as Willy
  • He is protective of us
    • Barks at people thru the window
    • He loves us
  • over friendly and people get scared. he jumps up far too much and his face is quite daunting
  • he is always happy i think
  • he stills when you berate him, as if he is suddenly invisible if he doesn't move
  • he has a feeble bark and it's adorable
  • the natural innocent look
  • sometimes he cuddles up to you other times he crawls around for the cool or heated spots
  • he watches the television through the reflection on the window
    • sometimes he watches the real tv and either barks or jumps up consistently
  • his fuck off vibes when he's off the leash- he will sacrifice our existence for the chance to smell another dog
  • he loves other dogs but his passion for them borders on obsessive (jools and dad didn't really socialize him with other dogs enough)
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