notes: my favorite scorbus fic. explores the pains of adulting and feeling like an inconvenience to more accomplished family. i prefer slytherin albus but this is my favorite scorbus author and i love any permutation of squib/less-magical albus.

notes: pretty much my cursed child replacement. this is canon as far as i'm concerned. has a really lovely take on scorpius's family dynamic.

notes: squib albus in american university!!! beautiful worldbuilding i'm obsessed.

notes: once again my favorite scorbus author :') this is more draco & scorpius family study. very sweet.

  • bee more kind by thealmostrhetoricalquestion / post-grad / 12.7k

notes: another reason i'm obsessed with this author is that they get albus's inner turmoil and emotional hurt so well. really lovely magical realism touches.

notes: i see epistolary i clik. one of my favorite hidden scorbus tropes is this idea of potter/malfoy inevitability, like they are destined to meet in some unexpected circumstance even if their families are estranged or one of them is a squib or doesn't attend hogwarts.

notes: last one i will recommend from this author, but i recommend checking out their entire archive!!! another imaginative take on squib albus and the constraints of magic.

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