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im gay nd sad
i would drink pee for 0 dollers

raphael follows:
  • NOTE: I LIKE GROSS THINGS!!!! Here are some favs!
  • YashiSato (bokumachi)
  • HisoGon (HxH)
  • IlluKillu (HxH)
  • Thorki (Marvel)
  • Starker (Marvel)
  • ShigaDeku (bnha)
  • DekuZawa (bnha)
  • DekuMight (bnha)
  • ReiMob (mp100)
  • EkuMob (mp100)
  • RitMob (mp100)
  • SidLink (loz)
  • Young Link in general
  • ConnorHank (d:bh)
  • maxvid (camp camp)
  • chara/sans (undertale
  • frisk/sans (undertale)
  • mettaton in general
  • mettaton/frisk (undertale)
  • rouxls kaard in general
  • rouxls/ralsei (deltarune)
  • CHARA/ASGORE (undertale)
  • rouxls/lancer (deltarune)
  • strade/ren (btd)
  • miles/peter b (spiderverse)
  • cairnborm/aechmea (hnk)
  • 2B/9S (nier)
  • adam/eve (nier)
  • adam/9S (nier)
  • thanks and im sorry
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feb 1 2019 +
user picture ya'll are gay: lmao idk where to find u and ao3 doesnt have pms but if u want ill delete this comment anyways if u ever see this uhh u can add me on discord: oat milk#3284 we were spossed to play roblox remember :( feb 11 2019
user picture ya'll are gay: im an annoying biiiitch but im sad u deleted all this discourse is dumb
user picture ya'll are gay: oops i guess i cant delete it myself im a fool