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→ across the stars (i'll find you anywhere)*

→ boys, boys, boys

→ couldn't see you coming

→ fellas, is it gay...

→ from first principles

→ hiraeth*

→ more love

→ wind, sky, and you*

→ who could love you better


→ thicker than water


→ accidentally in love

→ all the winters

→ all these desserts

→ baby we can stop the rain

→ behind these closed doors

→ bunny lover

→ capture the flag, not my heart

→ cocoon*

→ coffee & ambrosia

→ detention

→ eternal sunshine

→ faded, jaded (honey we've almost made it)

→ folded underwear

→ i love you, no really, i do

→ i'll get in trouble just to see you

→ in pursuit of the green card

→ it's almost blue

→ it's hard for me (to hate you)

→ lavender and honey

→ leave a toothbrush so i know it's real

→ like stars (in our night sky)*

→ lilac

→ look after you

→ no excuses

→ normal

→ of all the gin joints in all the world

→ one step ahead

→ onlook

→ perfect mix

→ please say "you're mine"

→ quarantine time at home

→ regarding love

→ silver & gold*

→ stepping closer to you*

→ study rewards

→ sunday morning

→ the duality of man

→ the great pretenders

→ the melancholy of jung jaehyun

→ the taste of a sweeter life*

→ this time next year

→ timeless beating of the heart

→ why you actin' (vain for my love)

→ your smile and you


→ high horse


→ so that you reach all that my love orders for you

jeno centric

→ lee jeno and the life-ruining radioactive spider


→ duly noted

→ hello, who's your husband?

→ the johnny seo effect

→ the power of christ compels you!*


→ i can put on a show

→ lovebug

→ pop fly

→ round and round*

→ when the kids are away

→ win you over


→ eat your cake and have it too

→ finesse

→ like real people do

→ such stuff as dreams are made of

→ that's what i like


→ a cup of half and half

→ about you and me

→ all i want for christmas is... a flight back home, a large coffee, the will to live (and maybe you)

→ alley cat

→ always you

→ beyond the glass wall (i see only you)

→ break a few eggs

→ doing gucci

→ dreaming the same dream

→ everybody saw the sunshine

→ i'm down if you are*

→ (i'm obsessed) do you love me like that?

→ just a daydream away*

→ keep it one hundred

→ losing traction

→ lovesick f#%k

→ fire and dreams*

→ night by night*

→ our hearts are connected (under the same sky)

→ out of the loop

→ past & future

→ personal sun

→ sim sala bim (you a bit dim?)

→ spin the stars

→ stretched hats*

→ stupid cupid, stop picking on me

→ there are approximately 7 million lees in your area

→ to my playground

→ we run too fast (but we don't stop)

→ web your way into my heart

→ you're so golden (i'm out of my mind)


→ lost without you

→ perfect timing

→ you're looking for a boyfriend (i see that)


→ BRIBED into a relationship with AMERICANOS?! [NOT CLICKBAIT]

→ you're the sunflower


→ at least kiss me to shut me up!*

→ go, jeno!

→ heart full, stomach full

→ lost to be found

→ itsy bitsy i love you

→ stray silver


→ all eyes on us

→ angel of mine

→ better cursed than never*

→ caffeine and sugar*

→ change your ways

→ cut to the feeling

→ d-d-d-dynamite

→ deal with it, cutie

→ flying and falling*

→ free falling (right into you)

→ got that love bug

→ go (louder, faster, stronger)

→ grant one, maybe two

→ gravitational constants

→ halo

→ hold my peace

→ hope we always feel like home

→ i dreamed you dreamed of me

→ i won't give you up (old habits die hard)

→ in every known universe

→ kids these days (give you heart attacks)

→ liar's paradox

→ life's no fun without a good scare

→ like in the movies

→ liquid luck

→ look, the whole city's stopped for us

→ looking at you (looking at me)

→ lost and found

→ love again

→ love is difficult (but you make it easy)

→ love, poem

→ love, love, love

→ make your day

→ men who love dragons too much

→ mind says check, body says mate

→ nana vs. the world

→ not even by the gods

→ oh, it suits me to feel strong

→ of love and fame

→ other lives, dimensions, and finally a love song

→ protect the pigtails

→ puzzle piece

→ remember the fireworks back then*

→ riddle me this*

→ say it again

→ showstopper

→ so much cooler online

→ somethin' kinda crazy

→ sugar and spice (and everything nice)

→ take all that is yours*

→ talk me down

→ teriyaki sauce

→ the benefits of heartbreak*

→ the butter to my toast (you complete me, babe)

→ the things i would do for you (and quidditch)

→ the world is watching (so let's give 'em a good show)

→ thinkin 'bout jumping in instead*

→ this much (we can handle)

→ thought we were friends

→ to land a cat(ch)

→ transit

→ ugly ties

→ until you return to me*

→ venn diagram*

→ we can be braver

→ when it rains i think of you

→ you're a sunflower (i think your love would be too much)


→ a better love story than twilight*

→ complimentaries from the aurora hotel

→ dive into you

→ enchanted to meet you

→ hold my hand tight (you can follow me)

→ i need love (can you get to me now)

→ if it makes you happy

→ linger like a tattoo kiss

→ miss you (tell me we're alright, tell me we're okay)

→ my (20M) roommate (20M) is a werewolf...?

→ roses & gold

→ sunflower, daisies

→ sway

→ the crystal chaser

→ wedding bells


→ all the years i wanna be with you

→ nothing like you*


→ a little bit higher

→ and my future

→ aromatic breath

→ baby pink

→ bullet bullet bullet

→ but satisfaction brought it back

→ can i go where you go?*

→ dream with us

→ falling into place

→ gazing at the blue sky, blooming once again

→ i become your dream and a path to it

→ i just need time

→ i want to see you every morning (and every night)

→ let's see

→ marshmallow snowmen (and other fluffy things)

→ mortal woes of kissing the bros

→ patterns forming everywhere

→ pick you up instead

→ time has brought your heart to me

→ the moon, the sun (and all of their stars)

→ water cooler conversations

→ where the wild things are

→ where your heart lies

→ you're our missing puzzle piece

→ your love (is all i need)

→ where my heart resides*


→ bruises on your thighs like my fingerprints

→ come home to my heart*

→ of our lucky stars

→ plant one on me

→ something about us

→ the mystery of love (will wonders ever cease?)


→ belladonic addiction


→ between eternity and transience*

→ bring me to life

→ hello, summer

→ i have a boyfriend

→ let's cast a spell (just you and me)

→ love letters (& stupid wishes)

→ moonboy and his rabbit

→ sunshine kisses

→ this is my message in a bottle (i hope that you receive it)


→ marble and water

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