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  • "Hating things: it tended to tell you who you were. Loving things rarely did." / "Joni Mitchell was sitting in the doorway, placidly licking a paw, the feline equivalent of a bitch filing her nails." // Hermione Hoby's Neon in Daylight was such a good read, I thorougly enjoyed it. Hoby has such a nice writing style. I didn't know anything about the book when I picked it up from a library shelf, I just liked the cover and the blurb. Literary luck!
  • More books: Kurt. I don't know what it is about Sarah Kuttner's writing but it always hits close to home. I loved the description of the old house, the garden work. It made me want to move into my grandma's house with a sad boyfriend, watering the roses with a hose on a lazy summer evening.
  • Cat eating corn. Feline ASMR. I also spent an evening watching all of these oddly satisfying and soothing videos.
  • "Training war die Gelegenheit, den Körper an Schmerzen zu gewöhnen." (Takis Würger, Der Club)
  • Angela Carter's writing. Her characters, her plot-twists and magical realism. Most of all her incredible language. It's the same storyline I usually tell about my closest friends - at first I hated Nights at the Circus but soon realised that I actually loved it.
  • Fleabag and the priest. SO hot. As well as her jumpsuits and red lipstick. And don't even get me started on Kristin Scott Thomas' guest appearance.
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