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I was just thinking of how our meaning or purpose in life is merely to experience. eating an orange segment, hoping for snow, being in love, returning over and over to one painting, stepping outside for the full moon, submersion in water, having a favourite colour, knowing beauty, feeling alone, feeling connected, feeling longing… it is enough.

  • Another afternoon with the kittens. I can finally tell the two white ones apart. I named one of them Clarence, after the cross-eyed lion in Daktari. He's my favourite.
  • Fireflies.
  • Ordering paneer dishes at the Indian restaurant around the corner from R.'s apartment.
  • Getting along famously with a doctor, feeling seen.
  • The annual BBQ at school. First I felt overwhelmed by all the smalltalk but it slowly got better. I helped Schrobo with the food and spent time with the two Lauras. I don't know why we hardly talk during the year - last year we had a really good time at the summer party as well.
  • Drawing (especially during boring conferences).
  • The first time back at the pub quiz (even though it was just two of us and the questions were especially hard). I was very proud of being able to solve the maths problem. And I had nachos.
  • Getting Disney+ just to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  • Reading The Body Keeps the Score, a book about trauma. I usually don't do that but I started highlighting whole paragraphs. So interesting and relevant!
  • Meeting Anika! It's been so long. We visited the ethnology museum and I even made a few sketches. Afterwards we had delicious vegan food at Ahimsa.
  • YahYah working her magic on my back and hugging me after the massage.
  • Saying goodbye to my students. The moment they let the balloons fly after the graduation ceremony. Their pretty outfits. Buying booze at the gas station, spending an evening together at the Monopteros.
  • Days with better brain chemistry.
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