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  • WindowSwap let's you enjoy someone else's view somewhere in the world.
  • Robin Sloan's Reading Room for members of the Society of the Double Dagger. I just love this author's way of thinking and what sparks his interest.
  • Lena's Amaretto walnut cake. Incredibly moist and buttery.
  • Going on a very windy walk through the woods. A little lake, deer, talking about our potential love lives.
  • Getting to know my neighbour Martin. He feels so familiar and very laid-back. A bit random, too. We ended up lying on my living room floor the other night, drawing. Trying out all my paints and pens. Then we checked out weird tattoos. And I straightened and braided his hair.
  • Using up leftover paint with a fan brush. Creating a kinda wild-looking 5 minute mushroom painting.
  • Hanging out on the sofa at school on a Monday morning. Coffee, a blanket, studying Spanish. A quiet and peaceful way to start the week.
  • The mood-lifting effect of painting.
  • Seeing Sash for the first time in months. Going for a walk with Lena. Eating vegan jaffa cake and really good oranges from Spain.
  • Discovering some cool singers and loop artists late at night on a coffee high. But it was a full moon, too, so who knows. The yodel girl was ridiculously amazing.
  • Drinking tequila with Martin and Flo.
  • I finished watching the entirety of Dawson's Creek and drew patterns on black paper with pastel pens while watching.
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