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  • Smule (Buffy, Fuck her gently)
  • manu crazy time kid who is so tired that it gets gaga, burger king, chill in bed, oh yeah, smule video making watching manu
  • babylon berlin sundays, seeing SASH for the first time in months MAKE OUT SESH
  • sleeping with the lama
  • procreate apple stylus digital art projects for website owls omg so creative so many ideas, actually getting the pen for free
  • strawberries and cream
  • my biiiirthday, cake with candles strawberries cream
  • present from lexi and yanch very cutely illustrated game
  • ukulele learning chords playing cup song, project painting on it consulting yanch
  • vacation is going to happen as it seems
  • macramee
  • flower fight, amazing interiors, architecture
  • blind taste test pocky kitkat
  • enjoy your trip documentary
  • making burgers on my birthday, kittiiiie
  • manu on my birthday: vietamese food yum
  • grwing crystals on rocks
  • Taking sneaky pictures of interesting people on the subway. There was a woman dressed in all red and when she had left another lady sat down in the same seat - dressed in all yellow! Also, there was a girl wearing mismatched socks. A cute dog. A really stylish woman with some kind of kimono coat, a white dress, black studded cowboy boots and a fanny pack.
  • Playing Role Models with Maike and the others. I love the categories they came up with. And the weird verdict at the end of the game like: Kat, the "not so bumbling musical diva".
  • June:
  • I visited Dennis and Margit who have the BEST couple name ever - Dengit, as in dang it! They have a really cool house with ALL the gadgets. We played Bananagrams (I won! It's a really cool game, I guess I gotta get it as well) and Krazy Words and had a great BBQ lunch. Then we played Beat Saber in the basement. I was so good at Fuck Her Gently and even sang along. Also, the electro swing version of I Wanna Be Like You from the Jungle Book is fantastic. I love the song and it has a great choreography as well. But woah, my muscles were so sore the next day. Playing Beat Saber definitely counts as sport.
  • The shrub outside my windows is in full bloom; it must be some kind of Deutzia. I'm looking forward to the white little blossoms every year, it's gorgeous. The lupins are in bloom as well. And I have beans and radishes, peas, sunflowers... very lush and overgrown out there.
  • Baby pink wrapping paper with golden iridescent glitter.
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