star wars: my main interest and my favorite thing ever. this series means so much to me and i love it so, so much. rey is a lesbian and kylo can suck my ass. i am also low-key an anakin apologist but don't @ me. fuck the last jedi and fuck rian johnson

brooklyn 99: literally my favorite tv show in the history of tv shows. it's universally recognized that i own this show and everything within it. peraltiago invented couples and bi rosa is my mf baby

it (2017): i recently watched this movie and im hyperfixating really bad so if u follow me ur gonna have to put up with that. im a stan warrior and also bill is heteroflexible goodnight

fanfiction: i LOVE fanfiction. i read it nearly every day and for a lot of different things. archive of our own is my main site, and if u ever need fanfic recs i'm ur go-to person.

astrology: recently i've been getting super into astrology n zodiacs!! it makes me super happy to talk about and it's so cool to explore. pictured above is my birth chart (i'm virgo sun, sagittarius moon, and scorpio rising).

i'm into a lot of other things, including: stranger things, pokemon, all for the game, voltron, brockhampton, kevin abstract, magnus chase, neo yokio, hippo campus, ariana grande, percy jackson, six of crows, the raven cycle, harry potter, avatar: the last airbender, legend of korra, the good place, superstore, movies, the get down, new girl, it's always sunny in philadelphia, parks and rec, and the office. feel free to talk about any of this with me!!

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