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  • Opening Credits:
  • Waking Up: "Perfect Day" ~Lou Reed
  • First Day of School:
  • Childhood: "Push th' Little Daisies" ~Ween
  • Crush: "Pictures of You" ~The Cure
  • First Kiss: "Mouthful of Cavities" ~Blind Melon
  • First Love: "I Want You" ~Bob Dylan
  • Summer Happytime: "Summertime" ~Janis Joplin
  • Love Scene:
  • Soul Mate: "Wandering Star" ~Portishead
  • Breaking Up: "Think (Let Tomorrow Bee)" ~Sebadoh
  • Battle Scene: "Uprising" ~Muse
  • High School: "Raum Der Zeit" ~WIZO
  • Prom:
  • College:
  • Partying: "Black No. 1" ~Type O Negative
  • First Place:
  • Average Day: "Like O, Like H" ~Tegan & Sara
  • Depression: "Roads" ~Portishead
  • Mental Breakdown:
  • On the Road: "Sun is Shining" ~Bob Marley
  • Deep Thought: "Slow Divers
    " ~Jane's Addiction
  • Flashback: "Reptile" ~Nine Inch Nails
  • Regretting:
  • Long Night Alone: Elliot Smith's (album) Either/Or
  • Learning a Lesson:
  • Wedding:
  • Giving Birth: "One of the Three" ~James
  • Happily Ever After:
  • Final Battle: "Reptile" ~NIN
  • Death Scene: "(Diamanda Galas)"
  • Funeral: "Lacrimosa" into "Lux Aeterna" ~Mozart's Requiem
  • Final Credits: "Five Years" ~David Bowie
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user picture rose: Yay for Dylan! mar 2 2010
user picture elociNNicole: :-D This list is so fun to make. So many memories!!
user picture elociNNicole: I added a song for 'Soul Mate' :)
user picture myklia: I'm going to have to do this one. Really love your list.
user picture elociNNicole: The sad, pessimistic, depressing and angry songs seem easier for me to find than the 'happy' ones.