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2seok with kids:

  • disco, calypso (it don't matter) ★★ | Seokjin didn't ask for any of this. Not for his estranged son Taehyung to suddenly move in and turn Seokjin's orderly life upside down. Certainly not for said son to come with a mentor and dance instructor in the form of the impossibly sunny, annoyingly attractive Jeong Hoseok. Fortunately, the universe doesn't seem to be paying much attention to what Seokjin does and does not ask for. (kid!v/jimin/jk)
  • Walking on Sunshine ★★ | Jung Hoseok and Kim Seokjin are married and raise a kid together.
  • It's a ghost, baby ★★ | Hoseok knew that moving into the magical district would be challenging. He knew things would scare him. He also knew he would make interesting encounters. He didn't expected those encounters to happen in his own flat. And now, he has a son (?)
  • Red wine, please? ☆☆ | “I’m on a terrible date and you’re my waitor please help me” AU
  • They're My Birthday Gift | Time passes.

actor/s au:

  • The Pursuit of Happiness ☆☆ | Happiness is not a stagnant state. Nor can it be measured by the accumulation of materialistic goods. Seokjin learns the hard way.
  • Retrospect ☆☆ | Two virtually unknown indie film actors, Seokjin and Hoseok, and their transitory love story on- and off-screen, recounted in interspersed clips.
  • Kiss Me, Kate ☆☆ | Kim Seokjin needs to learn to dance before filming starts for his potential big break role. Jung Hoseok needs to learn to let people in. There's a very good chance that they can maybe, possibly, help each other.


  • The Photo I've Been Looking For ☆☆☆ | Yoongi and Hoseok have a promise that they’ve held onto since they were teenagers--if they’re both 30 and still haven’t found anyone, then they would get married. A day before his thirtieth birthday, miles away from Seoul, Hoseok gets a phone call from Yoongi asking him to come home; he’s finally met the one--he just knows Hoseok will love Jimin when he meets him--and he needs his best friend to be there for him. With Seokjin’s support, Hoseok flies home for the first time in years.
  • The Truth Inside the Lie ☆☆☆ | Jung Hoseok has always been straight, and he likes knowing that. It keeps life simple, without complications, and he's never felt the need to step across the shadowed line to the other side to see what might be found. Never, that is, until an obscenely handsome Kim Seokjin kisses him, more prank than reality, and suddenly he can think of little else but what's lurking over those dark borders waiting for discovery. But he doesn't know how to ask, and Seokjin doesn't seem inclined to help, and the only thing Hoseok knows now is that he's in a lot of fucking trouble.
  • Timeless As A Kiss I Don't Want To Miss A Moment ★★ | Jin's a hopeless romantic. Hoseok's a realist. Fate has a hilarious plan.
  • Vending Machines and Bad Ideas ★★ | Hoseok needed to focus, regroup. He needed to evaluate the situation, weigh his options, and find a solution. He needed to work through this like the capable adult he was. He needed to get his hand out of this stupid vending machine. Alternatively: Hoseok gets his hand stuck up a vending machine and stands up his blind date by accident. For the third time.
  • Let's Go Camping ★★ | Hoseok and Seokjin go camping in March
  • In the quiet like this ★★ | Seokjin knows Hoseok in the general way you know someone who grew up across the street from you. Then he gets a part time job at the library, and it somehow changes everything.
  • Flowers are pretty, but so are fairy lights. ★★ | Seokjin's new room mate keeps a list taped to their shared bathroom mirror that reads: 1. you are beautiful (never forget it) 
2. there will always be those few that don’t like you (that doesn’t mean no one loves you)
 3. do what makes you happy (without worrying about what others think)
 4. be kind (a small act of kindness means more than you know)
 5. your future is full of happiness (things get better)
 6. comparing yourself to others is pointless (flowers are pretty but so are fairy lights)
 7. embrace the changes in your life (everything happens for a reason) 
8. let yourself enjoy the small moments (not everything meaningful comes in grand gestures) 
9. take care of yourself (the most important person in your life is you)aka seokjin the cynical meets hoseok the hopeful
  • Falling in Love ★★ | in which jung hoseok realises that his longtime crush may or may not like him back in a strip club
  • i feel god in these popcorns tonight ★★ | Everything feels a tiny bit calmer. Especially since it's Jin. His longtime friend. His best friend. Satan himself whenever he starts with his jokes at 8am on the few sunday mornings they decide to jog together. The person he probably is in love with. But you’ll never catch Hoseok saying that last part. He says so. He swears it isn’t true. Who said that? Not him. Ghosts are a very real thing in their house.
  • Haters Get The Bird ★★ | Seokjin is a professional sugar baby with the others roped into his employ. Yoongi just wants to keep his own sugar baby, Namjoon, alive long enough for them to go for dinner.
  • Fire ★★ | Jin's a firefighter. His station is full of idiots. He is Very Tired. But at least Hoseok makes it better. Kind of.
  • and it goes something like this ★★ | Seokjin’s had this song stuck in his head for weeks, and honestly, Hoseok just wants a quiet night in at this point.
  • two bros, chillin' in the gay club ★★ | it’s a game. a stupid, silly, ridiculous game that got a little bit out of hand, and now Hoseok is getting turned on. alternatively, the one where Seokjin and Hoseok, token straight friends, get pulled along to a gay club and to avoid getting hit on by other guys, they pretend to be dating each other. (no homo, though)
  • Glorious ★★ | Hoseok suffers a possibly career ending injury, and it's up to Kim Seokjin, world's cutest physical therapist, to get him back on his feet.
  • Ghosts That We Knew ☆☆ | "Just a little sip? What's the worst that could happen?" "Uh, food poisoning, allergic reaction, choking. Death. Death death death," Hoseok replied, trying to back away from Taehyung's approach. Taehyung smiled and lifted the bottle to Hoseok's face. "Don't be silly, you won't die." Alternatively: Hoseok dies, turns into a ghost, and meets handsome baker Seokjin, the only person who can see Hoseok.
  • Wind On Your Back ☆☆ | “Hey, Seokjin. I’m Hoseok and the biggest thing you need to know about me is that I really, really like bikes, but I like you more.”
  • hashtag trashbag ☆☆ | Hoseok plays video games for a living. Also, he's gay. Like, so deep in the gay, dicks in his mouth kinda gay.
  • to thine own self ☆☆ | All things considered, it’s actually a beautiful day.
  • Gingerbread Wars ☆☆ | Seokjin is the running champ of the annual gingerbread house competition. Hoseok is his biggest rival.
  • take away your things and go ☆☆ | Your best friend doesn't always turn out to be your best boyfriend. Hoseok learns that the hard way.
  • holding on to you ☆☆ | Unfortunately, Seokjin has fallen for the old cliche of, well, falling in love with his best friend. (or seokjin returns home after five years and finds his best friend engaged to someone else)
  • all this learnin' here is by you ☆☆ | Seokjin is a super smart sexy senior and Hoseok would like to be taught.
  • Pain of the fallen ☆☆ | The others told Hoseok it'd be better that he didn't try to help, to interfere, that they've handled it before. But he'd be damned if his boyfriend wasn't okay without him knowing. Besides, he's been in the group for a half a year now, he can handle it. Right?
  • Salt for Sugar ☆☆ (broken!namjin) | Hoseok is in his first year of university with a scholarship for track and field. He’s always enjoyed running, and it's a fast way to make friends, so why not? However, it’s only once he’s joined that he discovers the problem. Seokjin is also in track and field, specifically pole vaulting. He knows Seokjin primarily as Namjoon’s boyfriend; the tall, broad shouldered guy who wears soft sweaters and has a window squeegee laugh. He was cute, sure, but as far as he could tell, the guy wasn’t his type. This Seokjin, though…the one who’s apparently ripped, who’s torso bends and flexes in mesmerizing ways as he arches over the bar, who’s sexy as fuck with sweat dripping down his face…he’s a different story.
  • his everything ☆☆ | dinner with seokjin's parents always leaves hoseok broken
  • give it to me (that sweet ice cream cake) ☆☆ | It’s blazing hot in Seoul and Hoseok’s only reprieve is his daily trip to the ice cream shop after work for whatever tickles his fancy at the moment. The cute guy behind the counter has nothing to do with it, of course.
  • caught in a landslide (of emotion) ☆☆ | hoseok keeps catching seokjin at his worst
  • Kim Seokjin is a hot piece of ass ☆☆ | “Yoongi can you make him stop looking at me.” Seokjin asked, brow furrowed and cheeks pink. “Hey Hoseok can you stop staring at Jin?” Yoongi asked, amused greatly by the situation. “No.” Hoseok replied, sinking deeper into his palms and grinning wide.
  • A Whim ☆☆ | It starts on a whim, of sorts. More like a weary happenstance, actually, but whim sounds much more romantic and Seokjin prefers to color his stories in rose and gold. So it starts on a whim.
  • He's Basically a Model ☆☆ | They were always there for each other. Whenever they needed a hand to hold, the other was there. But for how long can they keep this up?
  • All I wanted was to carry you for aching ☆☆ | Hoseok and Seokjin go to the farmer's market.
  • everything's coming up roses ☆☆ | “Eh, I don’t know hyung,” Jeongguk’s constant gum chewing an annoying buzz somewhere distantly to Seokjin’s right, “it’s not like it technically gives me bad vibes or anything, but it looks kinda weird—“ “Shut up,” Seokjin breathed, “it’s perfect.” ❀ A story about a healthy rivalry (sorta) between two tiny shops across the street from one another, the pains of small business, some mastermind plans by the Universe, and love found in the weirdest places.
  • SCREAM UNTIL YOUR LUNGS GIVE OUT! ☆☆ | Our little siblings are on rival sports teams and I’ve made it my life goal to cheer louder than you.
  • "But I'm a Dom...?" ☆☆ | Jung Hoseok, dominant, meets Kim Seokjin, also dominant.
  • Intimidated by Prince Charming ☆☆ | Seokjin makes a mess of Hoseok's sanity and Yoongi is a horrible roommate and friend (but not really)
  • i love the way you make me helpless ☆☆ | "I wouldn't be against it if you wanted to do it again. Bite me, I mean." Seokjin says, Hoseok lifts his head to look at him, a tired smile on his face as he pokes at the bite on Seokjin's neck. "That's cute," he says. "How you think I need permission." Oh. Fuck.
  • Coffee's Fine But I'd Rather Have You ☆☆ | Seokjin is an air attendant that values professionalism over everything, and Hoseok is the pesky passenger sitting in first class who just can't seem to understand that. (Alternatively: Hoseok flirts a lot and Seokjin is confused a lot. He's also horribly blunt and Hoseok is wonderfully persistent.)
  • Previews are Designed to Hook the Audience ☆☆ | "Thrills, man," Seulgi says, popping her gum as she glances at the clock. "People gotta get 'em somehow."
  • Break In(to My Heart) ☆☆ | You snuck into my apartment to avoid your ex while my door was open for groceries and I got so scared I spilled the milk everywhere?
  • down here on the earth (you have brought me great joy) ☆☆ | Seokjin doesn't like travelling, because he has to leave his home behind. But it would be different, if he could take it with him. Because home isn't always a place, because it can be a person.
  • you're unbelievable (can't miss this chance to take you) ☆☆ | my friend dragged me to this party and I just saw my ex quick make out with me
  • summer sun (not much fun) ☆☆ | Hoseok's all for beating the heat, he's just not sure why everyone has to do it in his apartment.
  • sunday funday they said ☆☆ | "Hoseok, I like this house I don't want to burn it down. We're calling Jimin." (or, a look into seokjin and hoseok's everyday life)
  • They Say Fortune Favors The Brave ☆☆ | Hollywood Boulevard hooker Jung Hoseok is down on his luck--that is, until hotshot investor Kim Seokjin decides to pick him up and they change each other’s lives forever.
  • primavera ☆☆ | “So you’re telling me that you two are fake dating so Seokjin can make his crush jealous.” When Seokjin nods solemnly, Hoseok wants to both laugh and hide. Jaehwan graciously paces back and forth through the living room. “Now this is a very, very stupid idea.”
  • So Close and Yet So Far ☆☆ | In which Hoseok choreographs the dance for Seokjin's performance in the Mr. Seaside male beauty pageant, and Seokjin finds a million and one reasons to fall in love with him.
  • ([tree ladder up to the iss] | 'I'll make you pancakes to show how truly sorry I am,' Seokjin announces. 'Sure you will,' Hoseok laughs. 'Now carry me to the kitchen.'
  • the optimal combination of choice and chance ☆☆ | seokjin dislikes flying because he never knows what kind of freak will end up sitting beside him. hoseok dislikes flying because he's lowkey terrified of heights and speed. this one flight might help them change their minds.
  • a dream in cream ☆☆ | Hoseok meets Namjoon's roommate for the second time.
  • Finding Home ☆☆ | Hoseok wanders into the alley behind Seokjin's bakery, looking for food. But he finds so much more.
  • joy to the world ☆☆ | In which 2seok work as Christmas Elves during the holidays, and Hoseok just so happens to think that Seokjin is devastatingly handsome.
  • number one with a bullet ☆☆ | He was blinded. That’s the only explanation he can think of for why he’s sitting at this cafe with Hoseok, nursing a coffee.
  • dream, reality ☆☆ | the light is above the wind. hoseok stares at the light. it doesn’t hurt his eyes but he squints anyway. the light is - his angel. “i see you,” he whispers. “i see you.”
  • Boy Meets Evil | Kim Seokjin is an owner of a coffee shop during a zombie apocalypse, while Jung Hoseok is the tenacious fool who'd risk his life to see a beautiful coffee shop owner. Aka that coffee shop x zombie twisted trope you never thought you need
  • find my way back into you | sometimes you've gotta get over the hiccups in the universe. sometimes that hiccup is jung hoseok. sometimes kim seokjin just has to take early morning walks. still, that doesn't explain what the hell namjoon is doing here.
  • A friend of mine | Hoseok sets up a blind date for Seokjin and soon, he regrets it.
  • 2Seok Valentines Dance! | Basically a teacher/teacher 2seok au for valentines day!
  • Just Like Magic | Hoseok moves into a haunted apartment and befriends its ghost.or so he tells himself.
  • Archive #47: Fourth of July | "We do not condone capitalist sponsorship."
  • looking for trouble | Seokjin had almost everything he wanted in life. There was only one thing Seokjin was yet to achieve, something he’d been trying to do for the past few years now. It involved Jung Hoseok, the so called vigilante who nicknamed himself ‘Star-Lord’ and a prison sentence in the Kyln.
  • Texts | A friendship begins when one day Hoseok sends a drunk text to the wrong number.
  • Finding Home | Hoseok wanders into the alley behind Seokjin's bakery, looking for food. But he finds so much more.
  • Eevee-lution of Love | Pokémon Go AU where Hoseok works at a store that's also a pokéstop and always catches sight of a very handsome trainer that stops by there every single day. Seokjin is polite and kind, but small talk is not enough for Hoseok as he decides to step up his game and begin his own adventure as a pokémon master.
  • i hear a familiar song that calls to me (it connects us) | It may or may not be Hoseok's big break, and his would-be employer may-or-may-not be the hottest person that Hoseok's ever seen. And Hoseok's life may or may not be a disaster (Jeongguk says it is. Jeongguk is only partially lying.)
  • Centaur of My Mind | Holding a housewarming party with a roommate is normal. Seokjin's throwing his housewarming party with his centaur roommate Hoseok and his supernatural friends. (RIP Hoseok's microwave and Seokjin's mattress. They have been scarred for life.)
  • can't take the heat | “You're not that great at your jobs, and this isn't that great of a restaurant,” Namjoon says. There's a pause. “But?” Seokjin prompts. “Oh,” Namjoon blinks at them, “no, that was all I had.” (Or: Taehyung and Hoseok have a long-standing bet for Halloween, which ends up with Hoseok in his sister's cheerleader costume, and Taehyung still winning.)
  • Polarity | Seokjin, a perpetually single, workaholic doctor and the best man, is doing just fine brooding by himself at his friend's wedding until Namjoon decides to interfere.
  • La Chica Fresa | Definition - Chica/Niña Fresa (lit. Strawberry Girl): Latino slang; referencing someone (usually a girl) who is middle to high class with expensive clothes and a stuck-up/bratty attitude. In which Jin is a brat but Hoseok somehow falls in love with him.
  • love in an elevator | Seokjin had made Plans for this. Took a week off work. Gotten everything set up. Turned on call forwarding. One of the consequences of taking the quarterly rut suppressant was that when the pack ran out at the end of the third month the rut he got was almost as bad as all of the ruts he'd skipped combined - but it was usually worth it. Or: Kim Seokjin takes a cab, gets stuck in a broken elevator, and gets jerked off by The Hot Alpha Who Lives Down The Hall.
  • Sweet Tart (past!yoonjin side!vmin) | How, exactly, is Seokjin supposed go about telling his favorite cousin that his new crush is actually Seokjin's old roommate from college—the same “douchebag” (Taehyung's words) roommate who’d hooked up with Seokjin's ex, the same roommate Seokjin had had drunken hatesex with and ruined their friendship forever? Or: Hoseok just wants to taste hyung's love (and other significant life events that happen over food).
  • Dognapper | Prompt: “HEY STOP! YOU’RE STEALING MY NEIGHBOR’S DOG! WHAT THE FU – oh, they hired a dog walker? hahaha haha.. ha… carry on”


  • Responsabilities ☆☆ | Calling Hoseok 'his' is everything Seokjin ever wanted.
  • Love Isn't Always... | Love isn't always just love. Sometimes its pain and tears and some other smiles and laughter. But it's always something that makes you feel warm.
  • Colors
  • Void | The day that Seokjin disappears is the day that he wakes up.
  • daffodils | The Hanahaki Disease is an illness born from one-sided love, where the patient throws up and coughs up flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love. The infection can be removed through surgery, but the feelings disappear along with the petals. In which Hoseok loves Seokjin, but Seokjin loves Namjoon and Namjoon loves Seokjin and Hoseok wonders if that's what truly kills a person.


  • The Totally Untrue Story of Kim Seokjin ★★ | Seokjin likes Hoseok way more than he's willing to admit to, definitely more than he should, and definitely more than Taehyung, that little shit, should know. He knows Taehyung knows, because Taehyung is way too fond of suggestive facial expressions. He doesn't stop Taehyung from pulling Hoseok into their argument though. They manage to keep it going for a while before Hoseok catches on and pouts at them. “No fair messing around like that. I thought you guys were really upset.” Hoseok pouts. “You guys are mean.” Taehyung is unrepentant, but Seokjin feels kinda bad about it. “Sorry, Hoseok. I’ll buy you a coffee tomorrow, how’s that?” It's enough to have Hoseok beaming at them before he wanders off to bother Jungkook. Seokjin is in love with Hoseok. So starting a fwb relationship with Hoseok is possibly not the best idea he's ever had.
  • and the stars shine so bright, and the meteors fall so heavy ☆☆ | It's not quite a story. It's not quite the start, or the end, or any part of it, really. It's this: Hoseok falls in love two times. Once, it's as an apology. The second time around, it's as something lingering inside of his chest, holding his heart the same way Seokjin holds onto his hands. The second time around, it's as something that screams louder than Hoseok has ever did.
  • word play (turned into pillow talk) | After Hoseok has spent a long day working on his mixtape, Seokjin starts up his ridiculous flirting again. Hoseok decides to call his bluff. Or: Seokjin gives Hoseok the appreciation he deserves.
  • I Only See You, I Only Feel You | "I can't get these moves down." "I tried helping." "Putting your hands on my hips and thighs isn't helping." "Then what will?" "Go get us some pizza rolls."
  • Good | “Are you okay?” Jin asks, not turning his head towards him. “Yeah. What would I have not to be okay about?” “You don’t need to have a reason to… not feel good.”
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