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  • after dark ★★★★★★★★ | What are all the ways someone can be haunted? Seokjin doesn't know, but he thinks this might be the worst way of all. Jimin says, "Isn't it better seeing me like this, than not seeing me at all?" He says, "The demons that haunt are only ever your own." He says, "I still love you, baby." Seokjin's seeing ghosts everywhere. He just isn't sure if he wants it to stop.
  • Galaxy S♡ ☆☆☆ (side!vkook) | "We all have those memories that don’t end even when everything is over. Some call that critical error. Others call it human existence."
  • violet tree ☆☆☆ | "we've had this conversation before," jimin muses after a moment. when he looks away from the skyscrapers and telephone lines outside, away from the two suns setting in the west. "haven't we?" seokjin nods. "so many different times. in so many different lives." or seokjin reflects over the beginning and end of his relationship with jimin through dreams and dimensions.
  • this is where the world ends. ★★ | The end of Jimin’s world begins not with gunshots and explosions, but with a “goodbye”.
  • I think I made you up inside my head ★★ | The thing was, Jimin wasn't supposed to be in Seokjin's flat, not now, not ever. It wasn't because the last time they saw each other while conscious was when they were both yelling and throwing ceramic plates and knickknacks at each other, though that did play a part. A really huge part, in retrospect, but still-- Jimin wasn't supposed to be here, in Seokjin's kitchen, commenting on his burning eggs like they were living some fucked up domestic romcom all over again. Seokjin knew, because he'd just seen Jimin the day before in the ICU, bruised and bloody after a car accident in Itaewon. Seokjin knew, because he'd just come back from signing the papers at the damn hospital himself after they'd told him he was Jimin's only emergency contact even after all those years. If Jimin was in a hospital bed on life support, then the Jimin Seokjin was seeing now had to have been his imagination. He had to be. Or he could be a fucking ghost. Seokjin didn't know which one he preferred more. - (Seokjin thinks he's going insane. He's really, really not.)
  • Are You Happy Now? ☆☆ | Seokjin goes on a road trip with his friends and ends up with his first heartbreak. (one-sided!jin/jimin, vmin)
  • walk the line ☆☆ | For as long as Seokjin can remember, Jimin's never said no to him, not even once. It's his biggest regret.
  • Where We Fall ☆☆ | None of this is real. (oneside!jinmin / yoonjin)
  • Waiting in the Train (for you) ☆☆ (broken!jinmin, vmin) | They were the most perfect couple, but now that’s all just in past tense.
  • Across the Sky, In Stars ☆☆ | Jimin writes stories about a person who’s still stuck in the past; someone who won’t be able to read any of them, anyway.
  • Please Stay (A little longer) ☆☆ | Time moves forward. Seokjin doesn’t.
  • Feel Your Breath On My Skin ☆☆ | The business card was an offer of pleasure, even if it were for one night. It was the promise of something he would not receive at home now or ever. Not until Duri and he finally gathered the courage to file for the divorce they both so longed for. Tonight he would not be brave; tonight he'd play the coward and seek his solace in the arms of someone else.

broken words ☆☆ | "Why'd you follow me?" "You ran away before I could even say hello? Not exactly how you treat a guest.. or an old friend."


  • Premonitions of Love and Loss ☆☆☆ | In every universe, it goes like this: I need only catch your eyes, from across the room, and there will be a jolt of vague anxiety, deliciously cold, sending shivers across my figure, until I am struck dumb by the look in your eyes and the way you hold yourself, and I know without a doubt, that I am gone for you, and will be gone for you until the end of time. or: jimin and seokjin fall in love in every universe they meet.
  • Starbucks and Chill ★★ | In which Jimin finds himself a handsome sugar daddy in a perfectly tailored navy suit on a painfully hot day. And stuff happens ;)
  • One Fine Day ★★ | One moment Seokjin is checking Jimin’s phone and the next thing Jimin knows, his life is pulling the rug under him.
  • It's You ★★ | Seokjin has turned 25 years old, which means his time is up. No more grace period, no more time for romance. These days, they can only wait so long for nature to take it's own course, ever since nature stopped working the way it should, and the worlds population started slowing down. It's time for the tireless wheels of the government to turn and procure him a mate.
  • sweet hot jackpot (winning the office pool) ★★ | in which jimin commits the most heinous of office crimes against his department manager aka the man of his dreams, and his journey to redemption
  • it's not that i needed to win, i just didn't want to lose (you) ★★ | in which seokjin and jimin are Gym Friends who find themselves fighting over the affections of the new guy...not knowing he already has a boyfriend.
  • we were written in the stars ★★ | in which assistant editor Jimin manages the horoscope column in the university's online newspaper, and after a fateful meeting with senior heartthrob and loyal reader seokjin, starts adding weirdly specific advice to the sagittarius sign about their soulmate
  • with all of this money, they all want something from me ★★ | "ah, jin-ssi, what a pleasure." "it's easy to tower over the enemy, he really is, kind of, short. jin notices as he stalks toward the only man standing in the white room. his silver hair gleams underneath the fluorescent lights and his eye makeup matches his hair, smudged out at the ends, gracing his grey contacts, glitter underneath his lower eyelashes. "wish i could say the same, jimin," jin retorts, eyes easing on the man in front of him, hair's distance away, "stop the cargo."
  • two left ★★ | Performance Artist Jimin finds himself as a teacher's assistant in Hoseok's Contemporary Dance class for Beginners (yike) as he recovers from an injury, working his way back to being on stage again. He learns just as much about dancing from his student, tech supply conglomerate executive with two left feet Kim Seokjin, as Jin does from him.
  • jack i'm flying! ★★ | five times Seokjin and Jimin do the Titanic Pose™.
  • wish you were instead ★★ | Jimin drapes himself half in Seokjin’s lap and plays with the hem of his t-shirt, runs his fingers along the skin of his side just above his belt. Seokjin thinks: We shouldn’t be doing this in public. Then he thinks: Doing this in public is exactly what we said we were doing.
  • Or, Are You Just Happy To See Me? ★★ | Jimin and his boyfriend accidentally become finalists for the trip of a lifetime… too bad Jimin is currently single. Or: It’s not about the prize, it’s about the friends, enemies, and fake boyfriends you make along the way.
  • Can't Let You Slip Away ★★ | Park Jimin thinks that he and his husband have the perfect relationship. They're going to adopt a baby, have great friends, and are grossly in love. The only thing missing is the bright red soulmate string to bind them together permanently.
  • I Know a Bank Where the Wild Thyme Blows ☆☆ | Please forgive me, Seokjin learns, is the message purple hyacinths convey. He laughs, clutching vibrant purple petals in his hand. Fate has always had a sense of irony: he is, indeed, apologetic about falling in love.
  • Youth ☆☆ | Jimin sees stars in Seokjin's eyes.
  • Airplane! ☆☆ | It's not an exciting flight home by any means, but it has its moments. (kid!v)
  • Wrong Apartment, Right Person ☆☆ | “You’re drunk and walked into the wrong apartment and fell asleep on my couch oh god you’re going to be so confused in the morning” AU
  • A Little More Sweetness (with Cherries on Top) ☆☆ | A peek in the life of a mukbang star.
  • The Golden Rule of Love Curses ☆☆ | A comprehensive list of things Seokjin expected when he took a job at the library: 1. a decent paycheck to mitigate his growing student loan debt 2. the possibility of buying that limited edition Mario figurine he's been eying for three months time to catch up on his reading 3. and by "reading" he means his DS. He's going to play video games. 4. admittedly this is bordering on ironic seeing as he's a librarian but a chef's life isn't all about food, so he figures a librarian can enjoy other pursuits. 5. his would be, though. If he was a chef, it would be all food, all the time. An incomprehensive list of things Seokjin did not expect when he took a summer position at the small sleepy library an hour away from Seoul proper: 1. a talking seagull. 2. did he mention the talking seagull, because he feels like no one is properly panicking about a talking seagull? 3. oh, and also a wizard places him under a curse. 6. sorry, correction, a wizard places him under a spell. There is obviously a very significant difference, apologies Jimin. A spell is so much better than a curse.
  • limited vacancy ☆☆ | Seokjin is smiling and pushing his hair back from his face and Jimin is struck, suddenly, by just how beautiful Seokjin actually is. In this dim lighting, backlit by the setting sun beyond the window, he paints a picture Jimin thinks he'll be seeing in his dreams for many months to come.
  • Way Out ☆☆ | Mafia!AU. Inspired by these pics. Jimin is a mob boss and Seokjin is his princess. There's no way out of the underground world, except through death. Even for the king and his princess
  • The Greatest Good ☆☆ | The plan was for Jimin and Seokjin to get married for financial aid money, not for love. They just forgot the part about life never really going according to plan.
  • Lost Souls Insane Asylum ☆☆
  • i’ve got a cauldron full of hot strong love ☆☆ | In the midst of brewing aloe vera moisturizers, dyeing people’s hair, and trying to stop Namjoon from destroying half the Healing Center, Seokjin can’t help but fall in love with one of the new interns.
  • something was bound to go right sometime today ☆☆ | Seokjin’s been hearing a lot of rumours about the new cafe two blocks away: the menu has much more ‘experimental coffee’ than most cafes Yoongi has ever been to (and that says a lot, because Seokjin believes Yoongi has been to every single coffee shop there is in South Korea). The interiors are a lot cozier and warmer than what they have in their place, news that would probably make Hoseok throw a fit. There aren’t too many cats that the patrons can feed and play with, though, but that doesn’t change the fact that Seokjin has been losing his frequent customers, money, and patience to the new cafe in the area. And at an alarmingly fast rate. So Seokjin decides to take off the apron one day, see what – rather, who – his once-loyal customers have been raving about, and develop a grand scheme to take down this asshole of a coffee shop owner, one cup of coffee at a time.
  • I Still Have So Much to Say ☆☆ | Jimin has had a major crush on Seokjin for two years, but hasn't yet had the courage to actually do something about it, and it's only by Taehyung's meddling that he gets a chance.
  • the holy association of soft bikers ☆☆ | Getting up at 3am and becoming somebody Jimin no longer wants to be, is not always the best start to a day, but Jimin's job has never been easy. Still, helping children and seeing Seokjin's face is what makes him tick, despite it all.
  • Holiday Wish List ☆☆ | There’s a fine line between taking risks and being stupid. Jimin seems to be treading somewhere in between. If anybody asks though, he'd probably say it's Taehyung's fault.
  • Plastic ☆☆ | Jimin remembers his first birthday with Seokjin after ‘the incident’. A side story to Save Me, before the events in Save Me occur.
  • the boys on the swim team ☆☆ | jimin get's jealous
  • Morning Call ☆☆ | Taehyung’s prank backfires on him.
  • Lost In You ☆☆ | First dates with third-wheeling nephews don’t count, right?
  • Drink me up, Pour me down ☆☆ | It takes Jimin two jello shots to feel a little tipsy, three to start babbling, and a cup of vodka to get wasted.
  • Watchers of the Eternal Flame ☆☆ | Jimin goes to Rio de Janeiro to live his passion. He leaves Rio de Janeiro having found his dream.
  • i'm in love with a killer ☆☆ | There are a lot of things in life that Seokjin isn’t sure of, but if there are anything he knows of, it’s this: his hoobae, Park Jimin, is actually the legendary night courier that he’s been trying to track down. That, and there are a lot of other things he still needs to know about this whole business. (healer!au)
  • not spring, love, or cherry blossoms ☆☆ | On the spring of 1988, Jimin feels the giddiness of first love. But happiness isn’t all there is to falling in love, and Jimin realize that maybe the heartache isn’t all that worth it. (reply 1988!au)
  • million dollar man ☆☆ | Jimin has definitely had some bad ideas, but this is absolutely not one of them.
  • Airplane! ☆☆ (kid!v) | It's not an exciting flight home by any means, but it has its moments.
  • A rainstorm (that's all it takes) ☆☆ | In which a late-night rainstorm brings Jin and Jimin under one umbrella.
  • Unexpected Distraction ☆☆ | “We’re coming back from a party in a group and we’re all squished together in a little taxi and there’s not enough seats so you’re laying across everyone in the back and somehow your head ends up directly in my lap and you’re looking up at me and your mouth is moving and I know you are saying something to me but I can’t focus because you’re laying on top of me and I’m looking down at you and you’re all giggly and happy and you’re so fucking cute and I’m a lil bit tipsy and holy shit I can’t focus”
  • serendipitea ☆☆ | “Oh, really?” the guy asks, grinning. “What’s your recommendation?” “Me,” Seokjin says immediately.
  • love me well ☆☆ | and the thing is. they don't necessarily know how to love seokjin. they love him when he's acting and reciting his lines, looking beautiful for the camera. they love him when he's perfect and. and he's not. jimin used to be one of them though.
  • Can't Find a Beta Man ☆☆ | Jimin regrets the day he learned he was a Beta, the day he realized he'd never be able to get an Alpha like Seokjin.
  • smooth sea never made a skilled sailor ☆☆ | that time a jellyfish turned out to be a better wingman than any of Jimin's friends}
  • lips stained strawberry ☆☆ | In hindsight, working at the Shooky Cooky Creamery isn’t the worst thing he could be doing. Seokjin gets to try more ice cream flavors than he ever desired, makes people’s days with their favorite treat, practices telling bad jokes and flirting with all the new faces he sees - and he meets Jimin. Those last two perks may or may not be correlated.
  • another name for pirate treasure ☆☆ | Kim Seokjin is the worst pirate Park Jimin has ever seen.
  • Birdsong ☆☆ | Jimin, a Lovebird hybrid, has the fattest crush on his best friend's roommate. Each morning in his bird form, he hides in the tree outside Jin's room and sings his little lungs out. It's a shame Jin thinks this bird is purposefully annoying him when he's trying to sleep.
  • born in the moonlight (better hide your heart) ☆☆ | Vamp-Idol Park Jimin's busy yet typical schedule is thrown into chaos when the press gets hold a leaked photo of him feeding backstage of a concert, from the neck of his previously secret donor, graduate student Kim Seokjin
  • ring ring baby ☆☆ | jimin is a terrible, terrible security guard. seokjin still thinks he’s cute. or; a chaotic gay and a distinguished gay meet, and fall for each other.
  • Let's Get It On ☆☆ | Jimin winds up at the grocery store on a Sunday night and meets the love of his life. He doesn't know he's met the love of his life.
  • a lapful of handsome ☆☆ | Jimin's an incorrigible flirt. Seokjin's a bit of a klutz. They keep running into each other under the most ridiculous circumstances, much to Jimin's delight.
  • You're my flower | Seokjin hates Mondays.
  • Error | "Get on the bed idiot! You're bitten! You'll turn!!" Jimin's screaming because this boy is going to die and there's nothing he can do about it and all this kid is doing by touching him and looking at him like that is making the pain a million times worse.
  • Wake Up | You and your soulmate have identical tattoos on your wrist about the date when you’ll meet each other.
  • milky white | Jimin can't take his eyes off Seokjin's beautiful, milky white legs.
  • love (or something like it) | The people count down. The clock strikes twelve. The fireworks go off. And somewhere, in the background, they all cheer. Happy New Year.
  • He's Got All The Koalifications | So maybe Jin's friends don't appreciate his old man puns. But Park Jimin sure does.
  • For You | Seokjin has always liked festivals, and now he has even more reason to. (inspired by the prompt “you’re dressed as the easter bunny at our town’s easter egg hunt and I take my younger sibling, but she’s afraid of people in costumes and you accidentally make her cry and you take off the bunny head to apologize and hey you’re kinda cute” au)
  • Like Romance Comics | Seokjin takes a break from work.
  • We Own the Night | Jimin has a little crush, and it’s really not obvious.
  • I Still Have So Much to Say | Jimin has had a major crush on Seokjin for two years, but hasn't yet had the courage to actually do something about it, and it's only by Taehyung's meddling that he gets a chance.
  • One Caress | The danger of walking between the human world and the one that stands just beside it is that someday, you have to choose. Jimin hasn’t made his choice yet. He’s seen what Seokjin’s decisions have done to him. He doesn’t know if he’ll ever be so strong. If he’ll ever be ready to jump off the tightrope that separates the two halves of their universe, and never get back on.
  • Only Fools Fall for You | Jimin wishes that he isn’t surrounded by idiots who constantly end up hurting themselves, but saying that out loud would make it obvious that it’s a lie.
  • The Cookie Thief | “you’re a stress baker and I stay up too late studying and I’m writing a thank you note to the ethereal being responsible for the food magically appearing in the common room”
  • 幽霊少年 | As part of his scholarship requirements, Jimin has to join a club. The paranormal club sounds pretty low-key, right?


  • Save Me ☆☆ | In 2016, a list of male idols with sponsors leak to the news outlet. Kim Seokjin's name is on it. -- In 2021, BTS is a group with four Daesangs, record-breaking albums, and six members. Everyone calls them a success. Jimin calls them a failure.
  • Pests ☆☆ | He enjoys the time he spends with Jin, it gives him a nice warm feeling in his chest, so all these interruptions are really getting on his nerves!
  • Youth ☆☆ | Jimin sees stars in Seokjin's eyes.
  • Where the Lines Overlap | Seokjin needs a sparring partner in Korean wrestling and Jimin ends up agreeing because Hoseok is a little shit.
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