I've download few EXO fansite DVDs but I'm still looking for a couple of fansites.


  • Cheremamie's Be My Man
  • Must Plan's Set something in Motion
  • Lovleyixing's Stuck on you
  • Orange's Simple Dimples
  • Must Plan's Make a Splash
  • Dailyixing's between Healer & Killer


  • Dear my Deer The Dearest
  • Lovesick Luhan's Leave a trace
  • Lovesick Luhan's Appear in my dreams*
  • Lurebambi's Focus on You


  • Aiolos Lost Astronaut
  • Aiolos Spotlight
  • Aiolos the beginning
  • Hyperbeat's Heart Skip a beat


  • Mr Destiny's Moonstruck
  • OOK's Make me wanna loose
  • Studio J's XXX


  • Esprit's On Air
  • Spunky Action Baby's Le Grand Bleu
  • Chan10's Finding U
  • Atbol's wanna boy


  • Lustkaution's Vertigo

EDITED: 6/26

mar 26 2015 ∞
jun 26 2015 +
user picture Cherish: Hi. I got several fansite dvds u list above. Mind to trade? Or exchange download sources? U have kakaotalk? jun 6 2015
user picture doljae: Hi, may i know where to download exo fansite dvd ? can you give me the link ? jun 21 2015
user picture Kate: hi I dl it on pan baidu site jun 26 2015
user picture doljae: please give me the link >< i mean the compilation link ㅠㅠ jun 27 2015
user picture Kate: hello ^^ sure I'll give you the links btw can we talk through twitter my username is oyluhan jun 30 2015
user picture jae: Hi! I have some of the dvd:s you're looking for :) Would you perhaps be interested in trading? jul 18 2015
user picture mischievous: hello! are you still interested in dvds exchange? aug 22 2015
user picture cabe tengik: hay. can you give me the link to my email? please :) apr 8 2016
user picture kimsamanda94: I'd like to trade with you nov 20 2016
user picture Alicia: Hi! i do have Mr Destiny's Moonstruck and Studio J's XXX. Are you still interested in trading dvd? Pls email me if you're interested mrsftgtjh@gmail.com.Thank you~ nov 23 2016