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  • going to the airport
  • the feeling of a new toothbrush
  • taking a shower with such hot water, the bathroom turns into a sauna
  • late night/early morning hours
  • late night drizzling rain in the city
  • the smell of candles when you blow them out.
  • pointing out constellations and planets
  • a long distance phone call
  • when people touch my hair
  • packing suitcases
  • getting hair cuts
  • freshly painted toenails and fingernails
  • icy smoothies
  • receiving and mailing letters
  • shopping for presents
  • napping on and off all day
  • holding my breath and closing my eyes while driving through tunnels
  • blowing on dandelions and making a wish
  • laying on the hood of your car with friends and just staring out into space
  • when someone whispers into your ear
  • the first cigarette of the day
  • the last cigarette of the day
  • collecting foreign currency
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