the maybe is there because i haven't really checked out any of these. these are places that appear on my radar that i'd theoretically be interested in working for.

  • museums and libraries in general, depending on how much menial work i have to do. but also, menial is the only way up.
  • legislature, if at all possible (alexandra's experience was really interesting!) / politics, alternately, like a super cool campaign in 2016
  • american immigration council
  • organizations such as facing history and the history makers!!!
  • a policy institution of some sort, or a think tank. i still really dig the wilson center, american progress, and the brookings institute.
  • teaching and education: substitute teaching?
  • still weirdly into the idea of working for a publication like refinery29
  • other legal/activist/journalistic kind of venues would be cool, as always
  • if i could also find myself abroad for a year teaching english in madrid or something that would also be p damn cool!!
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