• Our choir going to disneyland, and winning everything!!
  • The carnivals they had on campus for... Well i'm not sure what they were for, but they were fun.
  • Meeting Ryan and Niki in ceramics class- evil alien Sidel
  • Creating and joining the penelopes.
  • Celebrating pinismas and the day of reversals.
  • Taking French with Mme. Couldren.
  • Playing BS in the cafeteria, in History, In the Quad... ect.
  • Mrs. Dalenburg's hard and terrible class. CD CM CM CD CM CM CD CM CM........
  • Mr. Erick's class when we read Brave new world, and Mc Beth (pounding out the Iambic Pentameter on the wall between his class and Mrs. Dalenburg's)
  • Something like that's performances with the group.
  • The last day of my junior year, when I hung out with Sam and Meg for the first time.
  • Initiation
  • The ultimate: When Bre and I wrote the Friggle chronicles about our group of friends. I loved writing them with her, and everyone loved reading them!
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