• Order mnemonic: OLd OPen OCeans TROuble TRIbesmen ABout Fish VEnom Giving VArious ACute/SPlitting Headaches
  • Sensory/motor mnemonic: Some say marry money, but my brother says big brains matter more
  • Olfactory nerve (sensory) CN-I
  • Optic nerve (sensory) CN-II
  • Oculomotor nerve (motor) CN-III
  • Trochlear nerve (motor) CN-IV
  • Trigeminal nerve (both) CN-V: contains the Ophthalmic, Maxillary, and Mandibular nerves
  • Abducens nerve (motor) CN-VI
  • Facial nerve (both) CN-VII
  • Vestibulocochlear (auditory) nerve (sensory) CN-VIII
  • Glossopharyngeal nerve (both) CN- IX
  • Vagus nerve (both) CN-X
  • Spinal accessory nerve (motor) CN-XI
  • Hypoglossal nerve (motor) CN-XII
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