note: have some good tenny/johnten that isnt here? link me up on here

note #2: Si alguien tiene algún fanfic de Johnten en español o saben dónde los puedo encontrar, por favor, pásenme el link para hacer una lista en español ^^

aug 13 2016 ∞
nov 10 2016 +
user picture natsumikenjii: omg! i can't believe i found my fanfic (the fantasy of 1479 silver years) here! thank you so much for putting it in your list! even if its main Jaeyong i didn't think the tenny was that much to be used as a side ship! thank you ! aug 24 2016
user picture leechaiyapornkul: It's a good fic, how not to!! Thank you for writing it.
user picture natsumikenjii: aww noo need to thank me! im still really glad i found it recommended. i mean i was looking for tenny fics and like i saw my title and was like no way and then i clicked it and it got me to the ao3 account and i flipped hahahhaaha
user picture leechaiyapornkul: Hahaha I'm g,ad you get excited for it, I was just trying to collect all the good fics I could found! sep 10 2016