♧ hello ♧

  • léa
  • 21 (december 1998) / she,her / fr,eng,kr
  • lesbian babey
  • entp debater if u wanna know
  • currently living in seoul but from france hehe
  • i tweet a lot i apologise in advance


- if u tweet a lot about diet, weight talk, calories etc etc i will either not follow back or if i hadnt noticed sooner most likely sb hhh tw ed, food, weight, intensive exercise etc would b nice but yeah just a fyi!!

- also i dont like engaging in twt drama and i rarely take part in discourse unless its about stuff like which btob title track is their worst (its beautiful pain btw) so yeah lol another fyi i guess.... am really just here for a good time and entertainment so whatever rlly

- another heads up is that i swear a lot i think sygssbgs and i can tweet nsfw stuff sometimes ( not like heavily nsfw but mostly nsfw memes??) so if u dont like that yeah just letting u know

- if u use the word autistic as an insult literally donut even bother<3

- and lastly barely anything i say is ever serious (unless its about me loving jungwoo) so.... yea

nov 14 2017 ∞
sep 21 2020 +