• brought in grill and cooked food on it during lunch
  • Marathon Dance "Hi this is Debbie from the front desk"
  • Seniorita Jacobs moving her stuff across the room, dance parties, charades
  • turning off light in Stockdreher, adding pic of Stock onto me and Patrick's project
  • humming in science substitute Mrs.Greene
  • all-denim outfits, wearing heeleys mr.barry asking me to stop
  • throwing stuff at younger girl's table at lunch (lanuching)
  • throwing shaped balogna on floor and watching people walk on it, leaving it in our seats for the next lunch
  • drama: taping hair to clint's backpack, turning backpack inside out
  • rubber band at ryan in gym
  • dancing in locker room at softball practice
  • elaborate cheating to get physics answers
  • talk to psychics teacher in her own accent
  • anonymously texting robbia and spencer about things theyre wearing when in library and theyre in senoir court area, putting that funny thing on robbie's car
  • leaving boys anonymous notes in their mailboxes with ally
  • shouting at yannick with ally
  • pushing each other into people in the hallways in friend group
  • making speech last day of school on table in senior court
  • painting nails in dove's class, eating kelly's lunch in doves class
  • eating field's lunch and him catching me in library
  • mrs.moore's earth science with sara and casey, crawling to see them, making calls under the seats
  • mrs.holly getting her to give me candy for any small deed, seeing if anyone had any phones or ipods out for nerds ropes
  • mr.nicely taking remote and making him go crazy with tv, asking him about his gold jewelry, telling him he better get pregs soon
  • calling mrs.vest preggers, being crazy in her class
  • throwing wet paper towels at ally and friends over stalls in bathroom, rolling tp roll under all stalls
  • blowing whistle at pep rallies and surprising people and then hiding it
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