In no particular order:

  • Be engaged, not necessarily married. wont get married before age 29 at least
  • graduate college
  • do a quick grad school or law school
  • live in France for a while
  • live in New York
  • live in Chicago
  • Live in Miami
  • visit CA and rekindle lots of cousin relationships, become part of that family again
  • make a lot of money obvs
  • find out exactly what i want to do, real passion, but still plan to have several careers
  • have a few long term boyfrineds
  • move in with someone at end of 20's
  • loose 30 pounds obviously, keep it off, work hard aways on fitness, never get in a lazy phase
  • run half a marathon, if not the whole thing
  • add several passions, become an expert at several hobbies
  • be on a reality show
  • see a Britney concert
  • live with one of my sisters or both at some point
  • learn how to cook in france, become much more adept at cooking
  • write a nonfiction book/article
  • get a complaint or some written feedback published
  • have several more odd jobs!
  • get involved/care more about politics
  • become super independent financially, pay off all debts
  • live alone mostly
  • NOT get a pet till I have a baby in my 30s
  • get some massages
  • wine tasting
  • learn more about cheese, wine, soups
  • buy own car
  • give improv another shot
  • complete a lot of my bucket list, the crazy things anyways
  • lots of creative sex
  • go on huge carrides
  • get lipo, maybe some preventative botox in later 20s
  • save up for my upcoming wedding
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