• Try new coiffures/looks involving scarves, hoods, hats and sunglasses. Current coiffure: pull back hair, wrap scarf/bandana around head to keep stray hairs out of face, don gigantic Oliver Peoples sunglasses, flip hoodie up and apply lip gloss.
  • Road said new "looks" while doing basic things such picking up bandages from the drugstore, taking out the trash, coffee runs, etc. Shoot for "Olson twin avoiding paparazzi" attitude. (Note to self: get ahold of a giant Starbucks cup)
  • Try to decide between Johnson's sheer or flexible fabric bandages. The the adhesive on sheer bandages are a little less rough on the skin, but the color of the flexible fabric blends in better with the skin. For fun, use novelty Marc Jacobs bandaids with kitchy prints and slogans.
  • Arrange bandages on skin in as decorative a manner as possible. Whorls, spirals and fans seem to suit me.
  • Ponder getting a set of full platinum grills to go with the bandages on the face.
  • Ask for and receive a shampoo and scalp massange in the kitchen sink from hubby.
  • Make up stories, i.e., "I got in a knife fight in Tijuana over some illicit pharmaceutics this weekend" and see how long people will believe me.
  • Tell people with relish, "I'm seeing the plastic surgeon on Friday!", words I never thought would come out of my mouth.
  • Wonder if the plastic surgeon will give me a side of Botox.
  • Instead of working out during lunch, go to AB Fits, Marc Jacobs and Gimme Shoes
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