• Race the 1V8. Stroke or not, I will be in it and I will be crucial to its success.
  • In 2015, rebuild the Winning Tradition of Spartan Rowing.
  • Build a competitive 2k that could lead to a new team standard.
  • Master new medication, learn better breathing techniques, and blow everyone out of the water with what I can achieve on the erg; whether it be a 2K, 6K, or a regular workout. Don't tell them, show them.
  • Become dominant in sculling small boats with the help of Sydney Olympic trainers in Summer 15.
  • Build a powerful body with weight training and intense conditioning, also with the help of the Olympic Training Center.
  • Continue progressions with the help of Summer 15.
  • Become faster, more athletic, powerful, flexible, and dynamic athlete all around.
  • Become an irreplaceable piece of Spartan Rowing.
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