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      • american beauty
      • the hurt locker
      • zodiac
      • shame (unless you don't like michael fassbender, which i understand)
      • the illusionist
      • a single man (NOT 'a serious man' which was made the same year and has a rly similar title)
      • marie antoinette
      • rosencrantz & guildenstern are dead
      • ghost world
      • sunshine
      • the virgin suicides
      • the pianist (ilhoon's favorite movie)
      • moon
      • the graduate
      • melancholia
      • the brothers bloom
      • se7en (IM A LITTLE IFFY ON RECCING THIS TO YOU cas i guess it sort of has some body horror idk??? at least theres smth in it that really bothers me and its sort of body horror but its not rly so IDK IF IT WOULD BOTHER YOU? but its one of my fav movies so??!?!?!?!? idk here)
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