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      • floppy
  • looked like a chihuahua but bigger
    • she was a pretty small dog tho
  • wanted to eat ALL THE TIME
  • lived 15 years full of energy and we never felt that she was getting old
  • she was an extremely affectionate dog, like you said something to her and she went beyond crazy to the point that we were afraid that she would suffer a heart attack
      • kitty
  • small cat with a ridiculous tiny head and looong legs
  • blind in one eye
  • lost an ear to cancer
  • was born with genetic affections
  • pretty much a grumpy cat 80% of the time
  • her meows are too high pitched
      • kenzo
  • big dog
  • has seizures sometimes
  • wants to be petted all the time
  • gets jealous
  • adopted a cat (he protects her from others cats, shares his food, sleeps with her and heals her if she gets injured)
  • is some kind of super guardian dog
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