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  • Blackpink could be bigger than bts with more promo
  • Bts's songs would be more enjoyable if they had better vocals
  • Loona's group music is basic as fuck and their creative team is totally lost without jaden jeong
  • Everglow's only good vocal is mia, she deserves all the lines she is getting
  • Chungha's plastic surgery is... ugh girl what u doing to ur face?
  • Snsd's last album, holiday night, is their worst. Their discography should have ended with lionheart (a perfect album ♡)
  • Twice can't sing well live bc they force themselves to sound too much like the cd; but I don't think they're bad singers
  • Momo, lisa and seulgi may be good dancers but they can't freestyle that much
  • Red velvet can't rap 4shit
  • Ateez is the best rookie group right now. Txt (& others) doesn't even hold a candle against them
  • Exo is the best boygroup
  • Izone may have sales and all that, but they'll never have 1) a hit and 2) half of the impact that groups like twice and blackpink have
  • idk what it is but... momo's face looks so plastic now; maybe it's the make up? oshe's gorgeous ofc but there's something different about her
  • like someone said "Jessica have the right to shade SNSD and SM". girl is releasing her book 29/9/2020 (the date where she got kicked out) and I'm just gonna say YAAAS GO GIRL. they ruined her reputation, acted like she never existed, blocked her from the industry... she has every right to shade snsd/sm left and right
  • as much as I like blackpink, sometimes they come off as fake/mean girls to me
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