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the first ~ It was a good dream, a funny one, but I don't remember it clearly. I dream that I'm in a big, fancy and modern building. There's some kind of story I'm following (like a novel, or a story where you have to make choices to keep moving). I climb stairs while a tall, slim and handsome guy with a black coat follows after me. I already know that some steps will lead me to something, but there's an event that is inevitable: a couple fighting, I think. But that's something secondary, that isn't my story. There's two guys: zero and subzero (LMAO WHATThefuck). Zero is a jerk. Subzero is a nice/funny guy, and I'm going out ? with him; but I hear him badmouthing me. Everything is a lie and he wishes I would turn beautiful next year. I get angry and pour some spaghetti onto his neck, feeling good with myself. My coat gets dirty with noodles and sauce. Zero smiles at me and I'm glad that jerk punched that other jerk last year. Suddenly I'm at home and a year has passed. The garden looks weird, but a black box takes all my attention. Inside I find my dirty coat and I think that I don't know if I can clean it. Next I'm in my bedroom, where I open a black bag and see a bunch of pockets full with money and sweets. Suddenly, I look at the wall and see stuff that is from my grandma. I hide everything inside the bag and think what can I put in the wall ('something that belongs to me'). I take a medal that was given to me as a reward for "academic excellence", but I feel uneasy looking at it. I start to think that I was never as smart as I thought.

numbering beetle ~ I dream that I'm sleepy and very very tired. I've been sick and everyone are around me. I like their sympathy. The dream is full of light and warm colors,like differents shades of yellow. I know that something happened to me, but I can't grasp all of it, I just want to sleep. Suddenly, a beetle appears. It doesn't look like one, but I reconigze it right away. It looks like a tiny toy. It's face is mere gears and numbers. Beetle! I call out, and offer my hand. I know. You dream of inmortality. You want to hide behind a screen and dream away that's what it says to me. You're right, there's no point in denying it. That's what I think, but I don't say it out loud. I've been found.

vacancy ~ Suddenly, I'm in a different body, I am another person. A pretty girl, with funny friends, and a good family. At first, I go to see my mom in secret. We walk the streets, I see a cute skirt and tell her that I want it. I discover a lovely note from one of "my" friends, and I tell my mom that I'll never come back home. A strange boy starts appearing. Then I see him lying in a sand box, full of blood. I break his glasses.

key ~ My father is a weird man, with weird business. I see him dealing with the mafia and almost gettin' married to a small, chubby woman that moves like a monkey. He does everything he can to have a small key. We are in a tower and a lot of small-monkey-like women start climbing. He gives the key to me, probably thinking that kind of material thing is going to make me happy. He succumbs to the group of women while I say to my mother how a key is important but I apreciate much more that she was always by my side.

mashup I had a lot of weird and fancy dreams. People with powers, the vague memory of an old library, standing in an empty pool and seeing a full red and orange sunset, a light breeze... it was good. everything was good.

astrómica ~ I dream that I'm in a unknown and big house. There are classmates, professors, family, unknown familiars... I feel sad, uncomfortable, weird... there's an exposition going on, called Astrómica. I'm in charge of carving some sculptures. I try to draw something, but I can't. I walk along a train. A bulldozer advances behind me. So there's why cats hide in the train I said. I reach the exposition. The person in charge of it tells me "Don't worry about the sculptures, the heart of the exposition isn't that. Wait till the moon raises". I wear a dress that looks made of glass. The moon raises high in the sky and it's shine makes a way to my dress. I glow in the middle of the night.

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