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There is a List of Things one should always be aware of when Min Yoongi comes into the picture. Jung Hoseok does not get the memo.

Hoseok wins the roommate lottery.

Hoseok works at a bakery and Yoongi is 1/3 of the country's biggest band.

Or: the one where they fall in love at a bakery and Yoongi ends up writing a song about it.

"I made a horrible impression in the airport and thought I’d never have to see you again, but I just found out you’re in the seat next to me for the entire flight” AU.

(pt.2 of ETA 7:35AM EST) Yoongi’s just trying to date the possible love of his life, Jung Hoseok. But the package deal includes five asshole friends and a theoretically infinite number of disasters.

Basically: a series of moments where Yoongi wonders why his friends and also god hate him.

(College AU) Hoseok's roommate keeps drawing dicks on his face, and Yoongi is the only guy on the hall with makeup wipes and foundation. Hoseok is the cute lab partner that Yoongi has had a crush on all semester. Makeup doesn't usually feel this intimate, does it?

Basically: Yoongi touches Hoseok's face a lot, and Hoseok starts to like it.

(The Proposal au) Something about Yoongi has Hoseok feeling like he’s fine, like he’s going to be okay. It might be nostalgia. Or it might be that he just feels at home with Yoongi.

Or, the one where Hoseok proposes in public and Yoongi blurts out, are you out of your fucking mind?

(greek mythology au) It's a match made in...well, it's made somewhere alright.

It's not entirely Hoseok's fault that he's skipped four reincarnation cycles so if Yoongi would please, please, please just take him back already then that'd be fantastic, thanks. (See also: Reincarnation/Soulmates and Bakery AU where Yoongi bakes and Hoseok stuffs his face with an absurd amount of cookies.)

Everything will be fine.

That’s what Hoseok thinks before he sees Yoongi.

Min Yoongi. Underdog. The fastest swimmer on the team. When seen wearing snapbacks it works better than church. In a healthy relationship with his cell phone and coffee. Introvert secretly energized by team dynamics.

Also naked. In the very, very open shower.

There's a ritual that happens a few times randomly every year. Yoongi will walk in with a sort of flower tucked into his hair, just a little off above his ear, and go on with his routine with just a little more bounce in his steps.

Yoongi supposes that throwing up on someone isn't a very attractive way of making a first impression.

(Or: Yoongi is an uninspired producer and Hoseok, well, Hoseok is something between a dream and a miracle.)

(my first ever yoonseok fic ah ;;) Yoongi is a wolf and Hoseok is a lamb trying to run away from home.

(Or: Hoseok is heir to a multi-billion company and Yoongi is the bartender he falls in love with.)

yoongi has a fanboy crush one of the school's best dancer. unfortunately, he can't dance, is extremely shy, and is 49 kg of awkwardness, so he can do nothing but watch hoseok from afar.

I never knew at all Maybe Yoongi is actually really kind of fucking gone for his best friend.

(Also: Hoseok can't sit on a secret for very long because he's terrible at keeping secrets, which is only ironic because he loves Yoongi, too, and Yoongi hasn't figured it out yet.)

Yoongi kisses Hoseok to shut him up and it definitely should be weird but funny enough, it's wonderful instead.

Well said Jimin.

He and Yoongi-

-exchange small smiles, hold hands, grab each other during scary movies, share the same slice of pizza, fall asleep in each other’s laps, think about kissing sometimes-

They do a lot of things.

Coffee orders should really come with a word limit. Unless it gives Hoseok another reason to talk to Yoongi, of course.

Yoongi is a tormented art major who paints either terror, despair, or ecstasy and Hoseok is a photography student who thinks the world stops whenever Yoongi laughs. They go on a second first-date and it’s not so bad given their history.

Yoongi liked to think that he was an expert in moving around Hogwarts unnoticed, or as unnoticed as you can be when you belong to one of the darkest wizarding families of the decade.

Hoseok and Yoongi are interns ready to go through hell, but then they meet each other

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