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"The fire alarm went off at 3 am and now the cute guy from the flat next door is standing next to me in his underwear"!au

Jinyoung finds himself overwhelmed by the academic pressures of his prestigious school and almost goes under until he’s saved in more ways than one by a strange boy named Jaebum.

Jaebum reckons he's a blue flame and Jinyoung is oxygen.

For vampires, forever is too much time. For Jaebum, forever is not enough.

Park Jinyoung has a lot to take care of. His children (and Pororo) are included

Not all princesses are helpless. But those princesses know how to have fun.

Jaebum is the owner of an android repair shop. Jinyoung is a prototype that gets abandoned on his front step one night in desperate need of repairs, and also quite possibly the best thing that ever happened to Jaebum.

AU in which Jaebum is the aggressive loner and Jinyoung is the charming Student Council president.

Jinyoung and Jaebum have know each other since they were children and their marriage has been arranged ever since they were teenagers, but, even with years to get used to it, Jinyoung can't help but he bitter that he didn't have a choice.

College!AU in which they're supposed to be studying, but JB gets distracted.

Jinyoung and Jaebum only know how to love in destructive ways--stars clashing in their fate.

In which the entire universe is hellbent on making Jaebum fall for his best friend. Maybe he already has, but he needs more than a push in the right direction to realize it.

jaebum doesn't know when he started loving Jinyoung more than what was necessary.

In which Jaebum is fire and Jinyoung is air.

Jinyoung patronizes the coffee shop more than he really should on weekends when he doesn’t need the caffeine, but it’s not the coffee that he’s really here for.

Jaebum and Jinyoung live in a continuous love story. (Or, nine different times when they fell in love, and once where they actually did.)

Jaebum knows it’s not exactly normal, the way they live, but he thinks it's enough. They have everything they need in each other, and in the end that's all that matters.

in his last year of high school, jaebum joins a band and falls in love with his best friend. (side story to transit)

jaebum's jealousy is fucking terrible and jinyoung's not one to back down too easily either. unfortunately, it's their relationship that has to pay the price.

Soulmates!AU where after you meet your soulmate, you experience physical pain when you’re apart for more than 12 hours until you both acknowledge that you’re soulmates.

Essentially, it takes Jinyoung and Jaebum way longer than it should have to figure out that they’re soulmates.

Gryffindors and Slytherins Do Not get along, every one knows this. It's bit unfortunate for Jinyoung and Jaebum, childhood friends sorted into the two rival houses.

Jaebum might not handle it very well.

(Alternately: Jaebum makes overdramatic generalisations and probably writes angsty early teen poetry.)


in elegant terms, jaebum is jinyoung's sponsor. in inelegant terms, he's jinyoung's sugar daddy.

[Rich High School Kids AU] Jaebum and Jinyoung have a bet to see who can sleep with Jackson first.

It doesn't take long for Jaebum to realize that it's always been Jinyoung.

Jinyoung is stressed about exams and Jaebum helps him relax in the form of little white pills and something more.

The only thing Jinyoung finds more addicting than the pills is Jaebum.

“Hi, welcome to Video Relay. I’m Jinyoung. May I have the number you’re trying to reach?”

With all the mornings he spends in bed with Jaebum instead of going to class, Jinyoung's probably going to fail poetry this semester.

In retrospect, maybe a stripper would have been a better alternative to getting a hybrid as a pet.

Grindr!AU. He likes that Jinyoung doesn’t seem to play around.

Legal AU in which Jaebum is a hotshot defense attorney, Jinyoung is a star prosecutor, and they may or may not have more than just a fierce rivalry between them.

Sex shop!AU. Sometimes Jinyoung hates that his curiosity gets the best of him. Warnings: Sounding.

[Art School AU] Jaebum films Jinyoung's life as a dancer for his senior thesis. Jinyoung falls in love along the way.

This was not a birthday present deliquent Im Jaebum was expecting...

Canon. Jinyoung is jealous of Jaebum and sets out to get his revenge even though Jaebum isn't his to be jealous over, a fact which is completely and entirely Jinyoung's own fault.

It's not the end of the world when people break up, but Jinyoung wonders why it feels like it is.

Jinyoung's friends had always gone out of their way to surprise him on birthdays, but when his 21st came around... Jinyoung really wasn't prepared for what was to come. (Or, Jinyoung is a virgin and his housemates order him an escort.)

chap 3 & 4 jjp // Two nights filled with confessions - some shared in darkness, others in the sluggish embrace of alcohol. Can words slipping from forgetful lips be held to heart, and can heated touches shared deep in the night ever be anything more?

An AU in which Jinyoung and Jaebum are both pretentious rich boys who go to a prestigious college. All their lives they've hated each other, constantly competing for attention and approval from each other's parents and peers and just generally despising each other. But when Jaebum suddenly disappears in high school, Jinyoung doesn't have to worry about him anymore--until Jaebum shows up at Jinyoung's college five years later and everything goes straight to hell. Disastrous photoshoots, drunken camaraderie, and aggressive makeout sessions.

Jaebum was always so sure that he'd never hurt Park Jinyoung ever again--after growing up hating each other, cosmic justice planted them in the most incredible relationship either of them have ever had, and he's convinced that it's forever. That is, until, work gets in the way. The day Park Jinyoung walks out on him is the day he feels like he'll never be able to breathe again.

Jinyoung is Jaebum's English tutor.

Tattoo Artist!Jaebum AU: Jinyoung is seventeen when he falls in love with Jaebum, who is eight years older than him.

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