january: szabo obsession / andras devastation / florida trip reading romina paula and dreaming romantic dreams / tennis is back / back to boston / nights @ the newspaper / back with AA

february: morning bus rides to cambridge / jack's mannequin nostalgia, part deux / a jazzy chet baker moment

march: building a couch with amy & ahalya / a month and a month and a month at home / merry christmas mr lawrence heartbreak / drunkenly sobbing and writing letters at 2 am / animal crossing timeeee

april: zoom uni / a lil sakamoto obsesh / more crises of self /

may: where do i go from here / getting back into louis malle's docs / a little cassavetes era / playing fallout again

june: fallout 3 / weird pain in my neck, hours spent pondering my death /

july: i'm in love with ryuichi again / ymo is the serotonin i never had / crying over gary cooper’s handsomeness / fallout new Vegas dayz / watching Olympic films & mash every night / losing a sense of self

jan 7 2020 ∞
jul 26 2020 +