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i am a wandering sonneteer who likes herbal tea and wildflowers

McKenzie follows:
  • fall in love
  • have an affair in a foreign country
  • find myself
  • go to prague, italy, venice, tuscany, russia and rome
  • accept my body
  • accepy my overall appearance
  • trawl a thick, bustling market
  • write a beautiful letter to someone halfway across the world
  • seal a letter with proper sealing wax
  • learn the constellations
  • skydive
  • get high and dance with friends
  • buy a van and roadtrip to nowhere
  • sign to be an organ donor
  • experience great sadness
  • experience complete happiness
  • get a higher education
  • take part in a protest
  • get into a fist fight
  • grow a plant successfully
  • have a pen pal in a foreign country
  • perfect a drawing/painting
  • trace my family history
  • read something life-changing
  • have my heart broken completely and heal
  • see the Eiffel tower and visit Musée d'Orsay
  • sleep under the stars in the middle of nowhere
  • get a small tattoo
  • see the northern lights
  • see the southern lights
  • spend a night in a tree house
  • give blood
  • write something I am truly proud of
  • compose something I am truly proud of
  • have one truly perfect kiss
  • affix a love padlock to a Parisian bridge
  • keep a diary for a year
  • change the world a little
  • rid myself of shallow, materialistic attachments to money
  • study philosophy for at least a year
dec 2 2010 ∞
jun 1 2012 +
user picture Sanae: Love this list. And oh, how did you change the world a little? what about the "read something life changing"? and compose.. which instrument? Sorry for so many questions, i really liked it. jan 19 2011
user picture McKenzie: oh that's fine, dear. Well, I like to think that sponsoring 3 children and doing a degree of charity work counts as changing the world a little. :) as for the something life-changing, too many to count! i was referring to the great gatsby in this case. And I play piano. xx jan 22 2011