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kitten aka jj ✩✩ [ao3 curledupkitten/kittebasu] i like to write stories and poetry, watch anime, and go mountain hiking, and dance ballroom. linguistics: secret syntactician, morphology nooooooo but yesssss, pragmatics, language preservation

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  • people who don't like each other learning to like each other
  • people who like each other, then hate each other, then like each other again
  • hand holding and cuddling and cuddle-fucking (really really slow sex that is about ~feelings~ and stuff
  • people having pets and friends and lives that don't revolve around their significant others at least not completely like bro you need to have friends
  • girls girls GIRLS there are girls in the universe even if your band/team/crew/posse is all boys GiRLS?
  • best friends and feelings about them ;~~;
  • EVERYDAY EVENTS TURNED MAGICALLY ROMANTIC like cooking and shopping and brushing teeth together and so on and so forth
  • people that talk like people, and changes in speech between characters. Character A and Character B wouldn't have the exact same answer to the question "how do you feel about magicarp?" or maybe they would but Character A would SAY it differently than Character B.
  • people with hobbies
  • SHAVING FIC, people letting someone else... shave them... with a straight razor... it's fine, stop looking at me, it's about trust okay??????? I SAID STOP STARING
  • culture clash resolved through communication, and through the understanding that sometimes you have to understand that you won't understand
  • sexual relationship control dynamics being fair and/or agreed upon, discussions abt what people like and don't like in sex as a way to improve communication
  • sense of place, as in, the place and atmosphere is impt
  • time travel
  • re-do fic
  • we have to film this variety show where we pretend to be married and fall in love for real
  • we're pretending to be dating and fall in love for real
  • everyone thinks we're dating and we fall in love for real.
  • kinks being accepted/embraced, understanding sexual partners
  • non-linear narratives
  • playing around with person and tense
  • biting
  • (consensual) spanking, whips, other similar implements, including flogs.
  • fingering, rimming, fisting, assplay, etc. it is very hard to go wrong with this for me, and gender is of no consequence in my enjoyment of it.
  • oral fixations
  • bloodplay, knifeplay
  • possessiveness (consensual)
  • interesting formatting
  • crossovers where characters from one universe are transplanted into the setting of another.
  • oceans
  • music aus
  • i don't hate mpreg you have to be free okay you have to be yourself
  • buff male-coded individuals in dresses

things i know for a fact are not my cup of tea: (i am not assigning a value to these things, they're just not for me!)

  • non-negotiated choking
  • i really hate birds
  • i really really hate Cars and Toy Story
  • alcohol being heavily present in someone's system during a sexual encounter unless it's the POV character that's drunk (it is a consent issue for me personally-speaking)
  • any hazy consent issues in trope-fic (for example, omegaverse: alphas taking omegas in drughaze-like heats included)
  • fourth wall breaking in non-parody fic
  • non-con of any kind. (consent is a big deal for me!!)
  • incest, esp where there's an uneven power dynamic (huge age-gap where the older sibling pressures the younger, one controls the other's access to money/food/etc)
  • love triangles
  • main character death
  • infidelity
  • romantic poly relationships where one person is loved less/a third wheel and is sad about it.
  • bestiality (xeno is fine-- i am all for aliens and dragons having hot girl/boy/nonbinary-friends)
  • injuries or illnesses that keep people from doing what they love on a permanent basis. (a story about a flutist that loses their hands would make me really sad. as would a story about a flutist with chronic pain that kept them from playing.) (I AM AWARE THAT THIS IS HYPOCRITICAL LET ME LIVE, IM JUST RLY PICKY ABT IT)
  • talking animals/anthropomorphism/sentient objects in the real world: for example, my talking pet dog, or animate toys or Pixar's Cars, or the entire show Knight Rider. exceptions to this include shapeshifters, werewolves, aliens or people turning into animals from magical curses, like Luna from Sailor Moon. Other exceptions include sentient objects in a magical world au, i.e. Harry Potter. (If something takes place in another world that is clearly and distinctly not ours, it's fine. i just have some childhood traumas okay DON'T JUDGE ME but i'm afraid of the movie Toy Story.)
  • heteronormative relationship roles and/or appearance-assigned seme-uke dynamics. (referring to someone epithetically as an uke, using it as a defining characteristic, etc.)
  • permanent/chronic illness/injury used for unearned angst. please be careful with chronic illness, including mental illness. (esp upsetting for me are MS, cancer, anxiety, alzheimers, and depression handled cavalierly.)
  • lapslock in non-drabbles or non-shortish fic (anything over 4k). i like the way it looks aesthetically but it's very hard for me to read// i have bad eyes.
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