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"Sometimes, the smallest details of an individual's life reveal the most about their personality."
- wistful.whimsy

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There are many places in this world which offer us solace; a break from the stress and constant busyness of our everyday lives. At times, we become so complacent with our fast-paced society that we forget to seek out those moments where we can be completely content in that precise moment.

These are my places...

  • Learning/ Library
  • Relaxation/ Starbucks & Second Cup
  • Delight/ Yogen Fr√úz
  • Discovery/ Chapters
  • Reflection/ Bower Ponds
  • Coziness/ The Little Ice Cream and Soda Shoppe
  • Calm/ Garden

"Cherish the moments of your life, whether significant or subtle. They will exist but once, then pass like a shadow into memory." S. L. Emslie

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