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  • "god, I overflow with the vitality and ecstasy of being alive!"
  • "i have the choice of being constantly active and happy or introspectively passive and sad. or i can go mad by ricocheting in between."
  • "i took a deep breath and listened to the old brag of my heart: i am, i am, i am."
  • "please, I want so badly for the good things to happen."
  • "please don’t expect me to always be good and kind and loving. There are times when I will be cold and thoughtless and hard to understand."
  • "i think I’m in love with missing you more than i’m in love with you."
  • "i am pretty much disgusted with human behavior most of the time."
  • "i am possessive about time alone."
  • "it is awful to want to go away and to want to go nowhere."
  • "what horrifies me most is the idea of being useless: well-educated, brilliantly promising, and fading out into an indifferent middle age."
  • "somehow i have a special place in my heart for the ocean. i like the way the water changes from one mood to another – from high waves on dark, stormy days, to tranquil ripples on sunny days."
  • "a far sea moves in my ear." — from 'ariel'
  • "the mists are part of the ancient paraphernalia – souls, rolled in the doom-noise of the sea." from 'finisterre'
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