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before 1800

  • "der vampir" by heinrich august ossenfelder (1748)
  • "the bride of corinth" by johann wolfgang von goethe (1797)


  • "wake not the dead"attributed to johann ludwig tieck (1800)
  • thalaba the destroyerby robert southey (1801)
  • "the vampire" by john stagg, in his minstrel of the north (1810)
  • the giaour by george gordon byron (1813)
  • "a fragment of a novel" (aka "the burial: a fragment") by george gordon byron (1816)
  • "the vampyre" by john polidori (1819)


  • lord ruthven ou les vampires (lord ruthven or the vampires) by cyprien berard (1820)
  • the vampire, or the bride of the isles by j. r. planché (1820)
  • le vampire (the vampire) by charles nodier (1820)
  • "vampirisimus" by e.t.a. hoffman (1821)
  • smarra ou les demons de la nuit (smarra, or the night of the demons) by charles nodier (1821)
  • la vampire ou la vierge de hongrie (the vampire or the hungarian virgin) by étienne-léon de lamothe-langon (1825)
  • der vampyre und seine braut (the vampire and his bride) by carl spindler (1826)
  • la guzla, ou choix de poesies illyrique (the guzla, or a selection of illyric poems) by prosper merimee (1827)
  • der vampyr (the vampire) by heinrich marschner and wilhelm august wohlbrück (1828)
  • der vampyre, oder die totenbraut (the vampyre and the dead bride) by theodor hildebrand (1828)
  • "the eve of ivan kupala" (aka "st. john’s eve"]by nikolaj vasilevic gogol (1832), from his evenings on a farm near dikanka
  • "the vampire bride" by henry thomas liddell (1833)
  • "the viy" by nikolaj vasilevic gogol (1835), from his mirgorod
  • "la morte amoureuse" ("the dead lover," aka "clarimonde"; "the beautiful vampire"; "the dead woman in love"; "the dead leman") by théophile gautier (1836)
  • sem’ya vurdalaka (the family of the voursalak) by aleksey konstantinovich tolstoy (1839)


  • der tote gast (the dead guest) by heinrich zschokke (1840)
  • upyr (the vampire) by aleksey konstantinovich tolstoy (1841)
  • 'the vampire” by james clerk maxwell (1845)
  • varney the vampyre, or, the feast of blood by james malcolm rhymer (sometimes attributed to thomas preskett prest) (1845-1847)
  • "la dame pâle" ("the pale lady," aka "the carpathian mountains"; "the vampire of the carpathian mountains") by alexandre dumas and paul bobage, in les mille et un fantômes (the thousand and one ghosts) (1849)


  • le vampire (the vampire) by alexandre dumas(1851)
  • la baronne trépassée (the dead baroness aka the vampire and the devil’s son) by pierre alexis ponson du terrail. (1852)
  • "le vampire" ("the vampire") by charles-pierre baudelaire (1857)
  • "quetait-ce?" ("what was it?") by fitz-james o’brien (1859)


  • le chevalier tenebre (the shadow knight aka knightshade) by paul henri corentin féval (1860)
  • "the mysterious stranger" by anonymous (1860)
  • "the cold embrace" by mary elizabeth braddon (1860)
  • "les métamorphoses du vampire" ("metamorphosis of a vampire") by charles-pierre baudelaire (1860)
  • le vampire du val-de-grace (the vampire of the val-de-grace) by leon gozlan (1861)
  • la vampire (the vampire aka the vampire countess) by paul henri corentin féval (1865)
  • la ville-vampire (vampire city) by paul henri corentin féval (1867)
  • "the last lords of gardonal" by william gilbert (1867)


  • "the vampire cat of nabéshima" by algernon bertram freeman-mitford in tales of old japan (1871)
  • carmilla by joseph sheridan le fanu, in his in a glass darkly (1872)
  • "ombra" by mrs. richard s. greenough, in arabesques (1872)
  • le capitaine vampire (captain vampire) by marie nizet (1879)


  • "the fate of madame cabanel" by eliza lynn linton (1880)
  • "posle devedeset godina" ("after ninety years") by milovan glišic (1880)
  • “the man-eating tree” by phil robinson, in his from under the punkah (1881)
  • "klara milich" by ivan sergeevich turgenev (1882)
  • "the vampyre" by owen meredith (1882)
  • "life’s secret" by rev. lal behari day, from folk tales of bengal (1883)
  • manor by karl heinrich ulrichs (1884)
  • "strigoiul" ("the vampyre") by vasile alecsandri
  • the horla by guy de maupassant (1887)
  • "ken’s mystery" (aka the grave of ethelind fionguala) by julian hawthorne (1887)
  • "a mystery of the campagna" by anne crawford (under pseudonym von degen) (1887)


  • "the old portrait" by hume nisbet (1890)
  • "the vampire maid" by hume nisbet (1890)
  • "let loose" by mary cholmondeley (1890)
  • le chateâu des carpathes (the castle of the carpathians) by jules verne (1892)
  • "the death of halpin frayser" by ambrose bierce (1893)
  • the parasite by sir arthur conan doyle (1894)
  • "the true story of a vampire" (aka "the sad story of a vampire") by stanislaus eric aka count eric stenbock (1894)
  • "a kiss of judas" by x.l. (julian osgood field), in his aut diabolus aut nihil, and other tales (1894)
  • lilith by george macdonald (1895)
  • "the vampire of croglin grange" by augustus hare (1896)
  • "phorfor" by matthew phipps shiel (1896)
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