if someone ever asked me how i felt about you, i'd try to come up with all the ways you has brightened my world. if that question were asked to me, i would say that after a long time of being trapped in a never ending nightmare, you was the first dream i've ever had in a very long time. you are like a rainbow after a rain storm passes through. you are the quiet neighborhoods at 5:00 am. the sound of the waves as they wash up on shore. what i'm trying to say is, you make me feel at ease, calm with the world around me. you are everything i could have ever imagined happiness would be like. i've never once found a doubt or anything that could change my mind about you. i have stopped running away, because whenever i found myself opening up and loving again, i was always getting hurt in some way. and i tried my hardest to ignore all possibilities of finding pain, but for once i allowed myself to just let go, and in the process of it all, i found you there. waiting for me. it was like the universe was telling me that there’s another chance of happiness. if someone one day asks me how much you mean to me, they’ll know right away that you are my everything. and all this love i have to offer and this bleeding heart in my hand will forever be yours.

mar 10 2018 ∞
aug 8 2018 +