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i basically live inside my own mind. it's magical and despair-inducing at the same time! (she/her)

  • i curse and swear a lotltotltoLOT and while i try my best to not be aggressive with people, if you feel uncomfortable with that it's better to unf/not follow.
  • i have adhd and i'm talking seriously about "i live inside my own mind" so sometimes i can be a little... off-putting? and hyperfocused in stupid things, jumping from topic to topic, apparently talking nonsense, you know the drill.
  • i have ranidaphobia (batracofobia, in pt-br), which means i'm EXTREMELY afraid of frogs. not cartoony ones like keropi, but the real ones. please avoid that around me or put tw!
  • i have a eating disorder, arfid (tare, in pt-br), that is not relacioned to self-image but still my relationship with food is chaotic and shitty and I talk about it sometimes. as it is commonly sensible to people, i always try to put cw tho!!
  • i have a lot of interests, but i talk more about my life and my ideas etc than fandom-related stuff :~)
  • i don't usually use tone indicators, but if you need me to you can ask no prob!
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