• s1 e15 the benders
  • s3 e11 mystery spot
  • s4 e17 it's a terrible life
  • s4 e18 the monster at the end of this book
  • s4 e22 lucifer rising
  • s5 e04 the end
  • s5 e08 changing channels
  • s7 e08 season seven, it's time for a wedding!
  • s7 e12 time after time
  • s7 e13 the slice girls
  • s7 e18 party on, garth
  • s8 e20 the girl with the dungeons and dragons tattoo
  • s8 e15 man's best friend with benefits
  • s9 e8 rock and a hard place
  • s9 e11 first born
  • s10 e3 soul survivor
  • s10 e5 fan fiction
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