• It came back
  • I've been cutting my thighs for the past couple days to cope which is really pathetic
  • I just want to be punished for hurting my friends
  • I need to teach myself I can't get away with this shit
  • I decided to use some blood for something
  • The attached image is my new little art piece
  • The broken figurine was a gift from my father from over a decade ago
  • The boy was holding a heart to his chest which was painted gold
  • He wanted me to grow up to have a heart of gold
  • In a fit of mental instability I threw the figurine at a hard surface and destroyed it
  • It's almost like the gold hearted boy he wanted to create doesn't exist now
  • Does he know his offspring is a defect?
  • Whatever, I put a piece of paper with my blood on it under the figurine and put the whole thing in a drawer which no one ever checks
  • There's a lot of tedious stupid dumb symbolism which I don't care to explain
  • Please enjoy this new legacy

jan 6 2024 ∞
jan 6 2024 +