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... save the night, the mists and the fog, before they fade to shadows and from shadows to light.

... words from the past keep whispering on my weary ears.

...she stared out the french window, the panes cloudy with dust, oh how she wishes for the clouds to go away...

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  • disney read along (pink) - dumbo
  • disney read along (pink) - bambi
  • disney read along (pink) - lady and the tramp
  • disney read along (pink) - cinderella
  • aklat adarna - si langgam at si tipaklong
  • Golden books Inside Sesame Street
  • Little Owl Nursery Rhymes - Little Bo Peep
  • froebel kan - alice's adventures in wonderland
  • froebel kan - hansel and gretel
  • Little Miss Neat
  • Little Miss Helpful
  • Little Miss Lucky
  • 5 Minute Goodnight Stories - Derrydale books
  • 1969 Disneyland Record and Book - The Gingerbread Man
  • 1969 Disneyland Record and Book - Swiss Family Robinson
  • 1969 Disneyland Record and Book - Scrooge's Christmas
  • 1969 Disneyland Record and Book - Sinbad the Sailor
  • LIttle Golden Book: Little Red Riding Hood, 1965 and 1985
  • Sunny Books: 3 Billy Goats Gruff
  • Sunny Books: Snowhite and the Seven Dwarfs
  • AWARD Easy to Read: Jack and the beanstalk
  • AWARD Easy to Read: thumbelina
  • AWARD Easy to Read: puss in boots
  • AWARD Easy to Read: dally duck
  • AWARD Easy to Read: hansel and gretel
  • My First Dictionary by Alan Snow
  • Walt Disney BB publishing: Aladdin
  • Walt Disney BB publishing: Beauty and the Beast
  • Walt Disney BB publishing: The Prince and the Pauper
  • Walt Disney BB publishing: The Fox and the Hound
  • Walt Disney BB publishing: The Lion King
  • Golden Disney books: Beauty and the Beast
  • Golden Disney Books: the Little Mermaid
  • Animal Stories - Hamlyn
  • Children's Pictorial Atlas: Purnell
  • Usborne: Animal Behavior (white)
  • Usborne: Mysteries and Marvels of Bird Life (blue)
  • Kid's Row: Not another one and the gift of the dolphins
  • Techno Quest: 1st two editions
  • Funk and Wagnall's vol. 1 new encyclopedia of science
  • The World of Geography - funk and wagnall's
  • Cyndy Szekeres - Book of Nursery Tales (Golden books)
  • Cyndy Szekeres - Book of Fairy Tales (Golden Books)
  • Disney Back to the Klondike and Superdoo (Twin books)
  • A Story a day - Brown & Watson
  • Questions and Answeres, DEANS
  • My Science Book of (DK): Magnets
  • My Science Book of (DK): Air
  • My Science Book of (DK): Light
  • My Science Book of (DK): Water
  • My Science Book of (DK): Growth
  • How to draw landscapes: Mark Linley
  • Oxford School Dictionary German and French
  • Biology Campbell 3rd and 4th editions
  • Earth and History encyclopedias by Weldon Owen
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